The Man Fighting For PTSD ; How it happened

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ByTerrance Joseph Kosikar his words not edited 

Breaking the Chains BC sends a SPECIAL, WARM, THANK-YOU HUG, to the 1000’s of First Responders, and the 1000’s of Canadians who helped sign, support, and share our petition on Canada Day at the Legislature Building in Victoria on July 1st.

How it all went down ?

CHOP-GLUB- CHOP-CHOP-GLUB , the deafening sound of Harley Davidsons came thundering into the Valet at the Coast Hotel Harbourside Marina.

Im sure the beautiful front desk woman ( Leslie ) had her suspicions as to who the heck just came rolling into her lobby dressed in leathers accompanied by some pretty rad friends, US Soldiers and a man named Shannon Pennington , executive Director of North American Fire Fighter Veteran Network.

Leslie plays a massive roll in the success of this entire mission to Victoria …read till the end.

We soon filled the lobby, with bikers, soldiers,super models, fatigues and to ice the cake, a bus full of German tourists all taken pictures and laughing and trading stories. GREAT START.

Next morning, I’m down in the hottubb doing a nice quiet meditation, when I was finished, I had opened my eyes to a man sitting there quietly. with his kids.

Within 20 minutes, we were both in tears hugging as I learned he had gave 1 leg to Afghanistan, and his soul to ‪#‎ptsd‬.

We spoke for another few hours and after getting our old wrinkly asses outta the tub, we swore we would meet again, potentially at Camp My Way Adventure – BC this summer.

Our team met in the parking lot, at around noon that day, as according to our text messages, we had many many people that came to support us waiting at the Legislature Building.

Shackled up, we rolled the tire towards the building, and not even 3 seconds into arriving, we were greeted by the Firefighters from Victoria Fire Rescue. ( see pics in video ) Prrrrrfect way to start the event. Thank-You Vic Fire Rescue for your support and to David Malysheff of CBC news for introducing yourself to us.

We continued on, and truthfully, couldn’t even begin to try and flip that tire through the massive crowds of so many 1000’s of Canadians all dressed in red, flags,waiving faces painted, smiles and curiosity from all.

There was no need to even flip the tire, as every 2 feet we rolled it, we had a crowd of so many people talking and listening and signing our petition in complete awe that WCB does NOT give our First Responders any sort of help upon filing for #PTSD.And how we are made to spend years trying to prove that our PTSD was a ” workplace” injury.

( only 4 % of all claims are even accepted, and the amount of help that one gets is still yet to be seen or proven to be affective )

I personally have 100’s of emails from 100’s of Canadian First responders who are still suffering and battling with WCB.

We have some members on our team from BC Ambulance and the RCMP that have been battling with WCB since 2006 . unacceptable

Now one of the highlights in our day was not only getting to shake hands with many BC First Responders who heard we were going to be their, all happily singing our petition,but we also met a man named Colin Smith, a photographer with Victoria Buzz.


Long story short, as you can see in our last 2 posts, Colin hooked us up with the editor of @victoriabuzz, Mike Kelly, and they ran our story in their news feed, that within 24 hours had generated over 70 000 views, 526 shares and 2100 signitures from their Facebook page and over 20 000 views from their news feed…HUGE SUCCESS.

Now , the best part of the story , upon checking out, Leslie had a extra special smile in her eyes.She had informed me that she had looked the night we first met, and was so blown away with our program that she shared it with her husband Jonathan, a 27 yr high ranking member of the Victoria Police Dept.

Super long story short, Jonathan just so happens to not only have build the First Responder memorials at the Legislature building, but also happens to be very close friends with the Hon. Linda Reid , Speaker of the House”

I have exchanged many emails back n forth with Jonathan and he has not only personally sent our petition and program out to EVERY Police Dept in Britsh Columbia , but also has been in contact with the Hon. Linda Reid , who is taken this matter very serious and I am unable to say anymore for now, other than …CHANGES ARE ABOUT TO BE MADE

Now, you DO NOT think a Lion could do all this work himself do you?

Impossible, , , if it weren’t for all the help from our trusting, compassionate, Breaking the Chains BC team none of this would be possible.

I want to especially Thank my dearest Friend Ralf Slossarek and our webmaster / longtime Friend Tom Stewart for all your hard work everyday to get us where we are today.

If you go to you can also see all the people who have helped support and carry our weight to get us to this stage in the game .

I am only 1 % of this entire project, and without our team, sponsors, support and love from all …none of this would be possible.

Come down and join us on Saturday July 23rd and July 24th , we will be flipping our tires shackled in Chains in English Bay , and around the Stanley Park Sea wall to bring more awareness to PTSD and to also hold a GEAR RAISER for

2 min promo –

We will also be going Live to Air on Renegade Radio ( Charlie B Renagade) during this event to bring more awareness to the symptoms of #PTSD , addiction, stress, anxiety, suicide, depression, guilt, shame.

WE LOOK FORWARD to meeting you in person on July 23 or 24th in English Bay , or somewhere around the Stanley Park Sea Wall .

Hugs to all !!