coal city cyclist

The second last crit of the season saw our largest turn out in several weeks with 21 riders taking a gamble on the weather to come out and play.  It was especially fortunate that the weather held off with 8 CVAA riders making the trip down from Comox/Courtenay.  Having Evan Luksay in the field for his first crit of the year as a youth rider the first two of forty laps were ridden at a neutral pace.  The tame start to the race caught several riders flat footed as the pace increased sharply with the Comox riders attacking each other making several attempts at a breakaway; all of which were quickly brought back in.

The Comox riders swept up the three Primes with Kevin Park taking the first two and Harry Reddiw taking the third.

coal city 2

After the third prime with five laps to go Nick Kupiak attacked trying break away from the pack.  His attack united the CVAA riders who gave up attacking each other and worked together to reel Nick in with three laps to go. Knowing he was caught Nick sat in and worked on positioning himself for the final sprint to win the race followed by Janna Gillick (fresh off a hard week of racing in the lower mainland for Super Week) and Kevin Park.

1.       Nick Kupiak

2.       Janna Gillick

3.       Kevin Park

4.       John Lam

5.       Kent Duncan

6.       James Sage*

7.       Wade Luksay *

8.       Ayden Houle*

9.       Daniel Wilson*

10.   Tyler McCallen*

11.   Kent Duncan*

12.   Nathan Walsh*

13.   Harry Reddiw*

14.   Philippe Turgeon Dion*

15.   Scott Flemming*

16.   Norm Thibault

17.   Wade Luksay

18.   Mark Wieler

19.   Phil Birrer -1 lap

20.   Lee Zavarise -1 lap

21.   Dave Kenny -1 lap

22.   Evan Luksay -Junior 20 laps

*Main Bunch, positions approximate

As always a huge thanks to our volunteers Lorrie, Mike and Michael for watching the corners.