Olympic torch finally arrives at the host city of the 2016 Olympic Games

RJ - RIO-DE-JANEIRO - 04/08/2016 - REVEZAMENTO DA TOCHA RIO 2016 - Revezamento da Tocha Olimpica para os Jogos Rio 2016. Foto: Rio2016/Fernando Soutello

The Olympic Torch Relay Rio 2016 finally arrives at the city of Rio de Janeiro, on Thursday (04). The day starts with a visit to the village of Athletes and surfing the flame in the Macumba beach in Recreio, where begins the path of the day. The train follows the edge of the Recreation and Barra da Tijuca, continues the West Zone by Campo Grande, Bangu, Deodoro and Vila Valqueire crosses Madureira and arrive at Praça Mauá for the lighting of the celebration of the pyre. Then the night relay takes place in the south, the Gávea to Copacabana.


On the penultimate day of the relay, the host city of the Olympic Games will feature 381 drivers, and the train will travel about 340 kilometers, the total displacement.


 A special train staff opens the day in the village of Athletes just before 8am. The relay will be done by seven players.

 The main train goes to the Macumba beach, where at 8:30 am the surfer Rico de Souza , one of the sport symbols in Brazil, will lead the torch in the waves.

 Then, the relay continues at Recreio and Barra da Tijuca, and advances the city’s West Zone to enter the North Zone by the emblematic suburb of Madureira.

In Rio Palace 450, two samba icons make the kiss of flame: Monarco and Tia Surica Representatives of Portela and Madureira tradition, will be accompanied by a samba.

The train follows the direction of downtown Rio. The celebration pyre will be lit at 21:15 in the Praça Mauá.

The relay does not stop, however. The train starts Gavea to Copacabana. Who ends the night, already at 23.30, is the fisherman David Vieira Bispo , of David Bar. The bar has won the contest for Best Buteco of Brazil and David leads the torch on the border with Leme, where is the Morro do Chapéu Mangueira.