20 Questions With New UFC Fighter Ryan Janes


    The Ultimate Fighting Championships is the world’s premier testing ground for any mixed martial arts athlete. This is why we are very excited that one of our nation’s own has recently gotten called up to show what he is made of. Independent Sports News recently caught up with Ryan Janes ahead of his UFC debut in a bid to unearth a bit about the man hoping to make a legend of himself.  A computer programmer working for the government, Ryan turns 35 less than a week before his fight on August 27th. We had a lot of fun interviewing Janes – who we must say is an absolutely humble and down to earth guy – and we hope you enjoy learning about him, too.   


    When did you fall in love with MMA?

    “I really fell in love with it when I moved here and started training on the island. I started watching the UFC because everyone at Zuma was into it. I called Zuma and the community there was absolutely amazing. For a lot of people coming to Victoria it is hard to meet people, and Zuma acts as a great community.”


    Did you go into MMA training completely green?

    “I had no background in athletics: nothing! I did absolutely nothing. I played pick-up basketball with my friends once in a while. I picked MMA as a way to get in shape because lifting weights didn’t hit home with me.


    Why are Newfies the nicest Canadians?

    “It’s in our blood to be nice and friendly. It’s mostly due to the inhospitable weather. When it’s really bad outside all you can do is get together, invite people in, help people out, and get over the harsh weather by playing some music, drinking some beer and having a good time.

    ryan janes1

    Who is the greatest fighter of all time?

    “Demetrious Johnson is pretty untouchable. That guy is amazing! How he transitions is a thing of beauty. At 125 pounds people don’t care, but if he were a heavyweight everyone would watch him in a second.  People should strive to be as complete as he is.”


    Who would you fight if you could fight anyone?

    “I just think about what is ahead of me. Adam Hunter was someone I wanted to fight before this fight was announced. It’s hard to be in your first fight in the UFC, calling people out. It’s not worth it; I’ve never been one to get ahead of myself. Let’s just do it – let’s just get down! Let’s win this fight and see where the next thing goes.”


    What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in training?

    “One time I bought a 2 feet tall transformer doll at Costco before training and brought it in to the gym on my bike and to this day my coach introduces me as the guy with a 2 feet tall transformer doll.  Thanks coach!”
    ryan Janes3

    Who is your least liked MMA personality?

    “You want to say your standard Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, or Conor but you can’t knock them; they put on a show that you want to watch. Everyone that I’ve met in MMA has been super nice and helpful to me.”


    What are the strongest and weakest disciplines in your fight game?

    “My strongest is my grappling. My weakest would probably be my wrestling which is pretty standard for a grappler. Wrestling is super hard: to be good at it you have to dedicate your life to it.


    Who is your favorite Canadian Athlete?

    “Georges Sainte-Pierre. I don’t watch a lot of sports. I wear a Blue Jays hat and don’t watch baseball. I’m sorry, I’m fraud! People come up to me and ask me baseball questions, and I have to tell them I like just like the colour blue and that the hat is super awesome. Of course I cheer for Canadian teams, but I don’t even watch hockey. I really only know fighting.”


    What’s the most money you’ve ever drunkenly spent at McDonald’s?

    “I can probably say close to $50 for sure.”


    At their prime, Would you rather take a punch to the face from: Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali?

    “Muhammad Ali. Mike is scary. Muhammad Ali will knock you out, and that’s ok. Mike Tyson will change your life. You will not be the same after that. He takes a part of your soul!

    ryan janes 2

    Who was your favorite power Ranger?

    I’d go with the red one. He’s an MMA fighter now isn’t he? I think the green one killed a guy. The world is a crazy place!


    What’s more annoying on Facebook: food posts or Pokemon Go posts?

    “Right now, food posts, only because I’m dieting and someone posts a photo of tacos and all I can think is how amazing it is!”


    How many Pizzas can you eat in one sitting?

    “Ooooh. A lot! At least 2 large with proper toppings. I’m a big eater. I can eat a lot through a long time period. If there were 5 pizzas in the house I can defiantly smash them back in one afternoon. My girlfriend hates it. She says she can’t save food, because if she tries to it save it I’ll eat it. She has to eat fast around me.”


    You have 2 brothers; did they ever beat you up as a kid, and how sweet is revenge as an adult?

    “We rough housed a lot, but now I’m super close to my brothers. No revenge: not at all. I’m super happy guy, I was a super happy kid. Always smiling, never got violently angry at anything. I was a passive kid. My little brother was the tough guy. I was a skinny, scrawny kid. I still will not miss with him: I’m terrified of the guy. He’s so tough!”


    If you HAD to go to one, which one would you go to: Just Beiber or Celine Dion concert?

    “Oh Celine Dion! I don’t know any Justin Beiber songs! Definitely Celine Dion. At least you’re with an age appropriate  group of people. I couldn’t stand around with a bunch of teenage girls watching Justin Bieber. I can’t relate to any of that; I don’t know any of his songs. That’s how you know you’re getting old.


    If you’re going to lose, do you prefer to be knocked out or submitted?

    “Submitted: less damage. You can get away with that – you can fight the week after.”


    If you could have any super power, what would it be?

    “I’m a huge comic book guy: you can’t just surprise someone with that question! That’s hard! You need to give a guy a couple days notice to think about that one. My buddy answered that question awesomely once. There is a guy in X-Men call Forge: he builds all the X-Men’s gadgets. If he thinks of something, he can built it. He has a robotic arm and leg and can make anything. In a real world scenario, you’re superman – you’re a god. Technology is amazing.”


    If you were a Microsoft Office program, which one would you be?

    “Microsoft is a really, really bad choice. I’m reliable, I get things done, I’m not complicated. You know when I show up that you know what you’re getting and that it’s going to be a pleasurable experience: I wouldn’t describe Microsoft Office as many of these things.”


    If you had to get rid of one province, which one would it be?

    “That’s a trick question! Should I sh*t on Adam Hunter’s? Yeah, let’s go with where ever he says he’s from. I think its New Brunswick, which is barely as eastern province.”


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