Brianne Theisen-Eaton wins bronze


Brianne Theisen-Eaton of Humboldt, Sask. gutted it out on day two of the heptathlon and came all the way back from sixth place to win bronze. Theisen-Eaton completed the seven event heptathlon with a total score of 6653 points. The turning point on day two was an outstanding first throw in the javelin, as well as strong marks in the long jump and 800-metres.

“I didn’t really feel like I made any mistakes on day one, I just felt like it was an off day. I think from all of the work I have been doing mentally, that’s what allowed me to bounce back today. I wasn’t upset after yesterday, I was just ready to get to day two, I did feel confident.” On Ashton wearing the Canadian hat “People need to get a life”. On more heptathlons in her future “I’m thinking about continuing, but also of what our future looks like.”

Geneviève Lalonde of Moncton, N.B., set a Canadian Record in the heats of the women’s 3000-metres steeplechase to advance to the final. Her time of 9:30.24 was good for fourth in her heat.

In the men’s 100-metres Andre De Grasse of Markham, Ont., raced to the third fastest time in qualification (10.04) to book his place in tomorrow’s semi-finals.

After a shaky start, Shawn Barber of Toronto, Ont., cleared a height of 5.70-metres in pole vault qualification to advance to Monday’s final.

Carline Muir of Edmonton, Alta., also advanced today, she will next race in the women’s 400-metre semis.

Full Canadian results and quotes from day two of athletics competition can be found below.

Men’s 10000m Final

Mohammed Ahmed, 32nd, 29:32.84

“I don’t know what happened, I thought I was ready for it, I think I did a little too much surging at the beginning, with 8 laps to go my legs just couldn’t sustain it, once I fell off I just tried to make it as a cool down (still has the 5000m to race). I wanted this one, I wanted to be with those guys, and I was pretty much just watching the last 6-7 laps.” 

Men’s 800-metres semis

Brandon McBride, 6th in semi-final #2, 1:45.41

“I made some mistakes out there, but I learned a lot, it’s been a long season, just going to look to bounce back next year. I was in a bad position, just wasn’t in it today mentally, hopefully in the future I can figure out the whole racing in a crowd thing. I got tangled up a few times, but there’s no excuse, I should have been in a better position. Looking back, it might have been a better idea to lead it.”

Men’s Pole Vault Qualifying

Shawn Barber, 3rd in Group B Qualifying, 5.70m

“I think I gave myself a heart attack, just trying to keep everyone on their toes (clearly joking). I’m going to take everything away from today and be ready to go on Monday. The 10000m was going on and my mark was out there, that was kind of stressful, but come Monday we’ll both be on the same pit and that won’t be an issue.”

Women’s 3000-metres Steeplechase

Geneviève Lalonde, 4th in heat 3, 9:30.24 Canadian Record

“J’en ai encore, on va voir ce que je peux faire dans la finale. C’était un peu stressant, j’étais dans la 3eme vague, donc on a vu les deux premières vagues dans la chambre d’appel donc on savait le temps qu’il fallait faire pour avancer à la finale. Je me suis dit que je voulais rester dans les quatre premières pendant toute la course. Avec 200m je me suis dit c’est les olympique, mais y à fond. Je suis contente de pouvoir courir encore ici contre les meilleures filles au monde.”

Erin Teschuk, 16th in heat 1, 9:53.70

“The race was pretty disappointing for me, I felt relaxed and ready going into it, but in the race I just felt flat, especially going over the barriers. Wasn’t the race I wanted. I’m taking lots of motivation out of it, get some rest and then get right back at it, four years down the line it could be a completely different race for me, I’m trying to focus on that.”

Maria Bernard, 13th in heat 2, 9:50.17

“The race went out a little bit slower than I would have liked, it was pretty bunchy. Going into this season was a bit of a whirlwind, the Olympics were always a dream for me, but not the most obtainable, it’s been really exciting to make it. Coming away from it, it gives me a lot of confidence for the future.”

Women’s 400-metres

Carline Muir, 2nd in heat 8, 51.57

Alicia Brown, 5th in heat 3, 52.27

“I felt good coming in, I went over my race plan so many times and I knew how I wanted to execute the race, I feel like I did that, hopefully it’s good enough to advance to the next round (she did not advance to the semis).”

Kendra Clarke, 6th in heat 4, 53.61

“I wasn’t nervous, I was more excited than anything, just racing against all those wonderful women. I tried to go out there and just run my race, I learned a valuable lesson that I need to tie my shoes tigher or else they will start to come off during the race, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Men’s 100-metres

Andre De Grasse, 1st in heat 4, 10.04 -0.5

Aaron Brown

“I didn’t execute well, unfortunately these things happen. I’m going to stay positive, keep my head up, get ready for the 200-metres and the relay. My day is done today, but my Olympics aren’t over.”

Akeem Haynes, 6th in heat 5, 10.22 +0.2

“I thought I executed pretty well, stuck to my plan. Sometimes that’s just how it goes, now we just wait and see what happens (he did not get through on time). Four years ago I was on the team (as a relay alternate) and I ended up just watching. Just being able to get on the track and run, I actually got to run the 100-metres at the Olympics, that’s something I always wanted to do.”


Long jump: x / 6.48m / 6.35m – 1001 points
Javelin: 47.36m / 45.94m / 43.86m – 809 points
800m: 2:09.50 SB – 972 points
2-day total: 6653 points

Brianne’s coach, Harry Mara “In the multis it never goes according to plan, if you set yourself in stone that I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this you could go in the tank, but she didn’t. We’ve been working on that. She didn’t feel great about things, but she didn’t let it get to her and she came back. She knew what she had to do in the 800-metres, and she did it.”