City collaborating with Prince George Cougars



Prince George, B.C. – One of Prince George’s premier civic facilities will receive some major upgrades this summer. The CN Centre is being enhanced with new flooring in the lobby, a new score clock, enhanced media experiences for patrons, and new seating arrangements. The new features are being funded by the City and the Prince George Cougars Hockey Club.

Score clock and lobby resurfacing 

Both the resurfacing of the lobby and the replacement of the existing score clock were budgeted in the City’s Capital Plan for 2016. The resurfacing of the lobby and stairs at the main entrance was recently completed by Datoff Bros. Construction of Prince George at a cost of $50,000.

The original estimate to replace the score clock was $390,000, but a recent City Request for Proposal (RFP) process resulted in a price of $546,000 to replace the score clock with an equivalent level of functionality. The City will provide these funds and the Prince George Cougars will invest additional funds to enhance graphics capability and increase the number of camera locations and other media inputs. These improvements will tie in with the enhanced digital goal judge system recently installed by the Cougars to provide the same quality and type of automatic replays used in the NHL. Rock Group Canada of Surrey will be providing the new score clock and it is expected to be installed in late September through early October.


New seating arrangements 

The Cougars have worked with the City to renovate an existing area of seats to provide a new seating arrangement that is emerging in many modern arenas and stadiums. Called loge seating, this renovation consists of high-end chairs arranged along a table or small counters and provides an option between regular seating and suites. The loge seating renovation is being funded by the Prince George Cougars and will involve 44 seats.

“CN Centre celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and it’s vital that the City continue to invest in the facility to ensure its long-term viability, attraction, and excellence,” says Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall. “Today, we’re seeing the results of a new relationship with the ownership of the Prince George Cougars that is resulting in enhancements that we are funding together. These will benefit Cougar fans as well as those attending the variety of events held in CN Centre each year, such as concerts, graduations, and trade shows. These also will continue to make CN Centre an attractive venue for large events such as the Telus Cup in 2017.”

Opened in 1995, the CN Centre normally attracts 200,000 visits per year.

“The Prince George Cougars ownership and management are proud of this community and we are continuing to work towards creating a world-class experience at the CN Centre – a jewel for Northern BC,” says Greg Pocock, the President and Governor of the Prince George Cougars. “Most recently, my partners and I asked the City to go beyond just replacing what we had before, and the Cougars stepped up to pay the additional costs for a vastly improved system. These investments, along with the new loge seating, the digital goal judge system, additional speakers for the sound system, upgrades to the media box, and renovations to the Cougars office and dressing room, have all been done to enhance the experience for our fans and players. Our investment in the CN Centre over the last 28 months totals more than $1 million.”