Canadian Rugby Championships


The U18 Girls are 2-1 winning the first two games without difficulty building up momentum for their game against Ontario. The U18 Girls opened the tournament against Quebec, 42-0. The following day BC played Nova Scotia, coming out with another win 51-14. Today they battled a hard fought game and lost to the skillful Ontario team today with a score of 20-24.

Our U18 Boys keep their 0 losses after winning a close game today against Ontario, 10-8. This was easily the most challenging game for them thus far. In the first game they had opened the tournament with a 62-0 win against Quebec. The following game against Wolfpack was slightly tougher however they still dominated with a score of 34-0.

BC’s U16 Girls are currently sitting 3-0. The U16s are a force to be reckoned with, as they opened the Age-Grade tournament with a 89-0 win over New Brunswick. Following day 1 They played Ontario and were able to get ahead finishing the game with a 34-19 lead. BC keeps their perfect record against Alberta on day 3, winning 33-10.

U16 Boys BC1 are 2 wins and 1 loss with a day off again today moving into the semistomorrow.
U16 Boys BC2 are looking for their first win of the tournament today against Newfoundland.They have played hard all tournament and have not been able to capitalize on key opportunities but today will hopefully prove different. I can update you with the score.
U16 Boys BC3 have gone 3 wins and 0 losses competing in an age grade higher than themselves. They will be playing today in the quarters looking to keep their winning streak alive.

National Women’s League

bc rugby 2 girls

The BC Senior Women are currently standing with 2 wins and 1 loss with only one game left. 
In their first game of the tournament, they came out fast and strong and finished the game 22-12 over Quebec.Forward Tyson Beukeboom had two tries and Laura Crowe-Hutcheon added with a try of her own meanwhile Jess Neilson got on the board with two conversions and a penalty kick.
Game two against Ontario was a full game of great rugby. BC took the first lead of the game but unfortunately fell 14-3 at half. Despite being down, they came back guns blazing and Andrea Burk was quick to get the try followed by Brittany Waters bringing in a try of her own. With moments left the score was as close as 19-15. Unfortunately Ontario got away and added 7 more points, closing the game at 26-15.
This morning BC played Nova Scotia and won with a score of 45-7.