Men's Huskies Volleyball team vs. Laval on January 6, 2012, losing 3-0

The University of Saskatchewan Huskie men’s volleyball team looks to gain game and life experience on a trip to Japan for training this fall.


Interim head coach Joel Dyck and his squad leave for Japan on August 25 and return September 5.


The team will be exposed to training and exhibition matches while overseas. The Huskies will also have time for cultural visits and tours. It is the third trip for the men in nine seasons. It is the fourth time the program has travelled to Japan since Brian Gavlas has been at the helm of the program.


“The cultural experience that this trip provides our student-athletes is significant,” said Dyck, who was an athlete with the team for the 2012 trip. “We have a longstanding partnership with Budo University in Japan, and they host us very well. I was fortunate to go to Japan as a player and the trip was a highlight for me personally as it expanded my worldview and gave me a new perspective on volleyball. The Japanese play a very fast technically sound game that places great emphasis on ball control, which is an important focus for us in our pre-season training. I believe this trip will be instrumental in bringing together this team in preparation for our season, while providing them with experiences that will positively impact them as young men.”


Working with the BUDO International University in Katsura, Japan, the Huskies will also make stops in Tokyo to play Waseda University, Tskuba University and Chuo – some of the top University teams in Japan.


The Canada West silver medalists open the season on October 28-29 against the UBC Thunderbirds at the PAC.