Top Productivity Tips From the Experts

Even though technology continues to evolve and make our lives easier, many of us feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and still have time for ourselves. If you can relate, check out what a few experts say works for them.

Rapid Planning Method
Motivational speaker and life coach Tony Robbins suggests asking yourself what it is you want and why you want it. Once you’ve spelled out your “what” and “why,” you’ll have a clearer path for action, your “how.” Whether your goal is to make more money or to have more free time, it’s important to determine your objective and the reasons behind it before moving forward.

Embrace Single-Tasking
While multitasking has often been viewed as a desirable skill, the latest research shows that it’s detrimental to our brains and that multitaskers perform at a significantly lower cognitive level. Many experts suggest tackling multiple projects by focusing on a single task at a time. When you give your full attention to every task, you get more done in less time.

Only Handle It Once
Bob Pozen, author of “Extreme Productivity,” suggests remembering the acronym OHIO for Only Handle It Once. He advises limiting the number of times you check your email during the day and responding immediately when you do. It’s better to respond quickly and be done with them. If more time is needed to gather information, give yourself a deadline so you don’t forget about it and have to dig through emails later.

Determine which strategies work for you and help boost your productivity. Accomplish more in less time to reach your personal and professional goals sooner.