Mike Smith - GOLD MEDAL - 35-39 year old Cruiser Male

This past weekend a group of Nanaimo BMX riders took to the track at the Canadian BMX Championships in Calgary , Alberta. This race is an important qualification for the 2017 Worlds being held in Rock Hill, North Carolina, USA.
As part of the qualification process for the 2017 Worlds, if a rider made the main event for their category, they immediately get an invitation to represent Canada at this event.
Here is a list of Nanaimo BMX riders who made the main event and how they finished.
Ben Leslie – Junior Male – 3rd (BRONZE)
Alexander Booth – 7 year old male – 1st (GOLD)
Haiden Botrokoff – 13 year old male – 8th
Drew Johnson – 15 year old male – 2nd (SILVER)
Aidan Webber – 16 year old male – 1st (GOLD)
Keira Murphy – 11 year old Female – 1st (GOLD)
Adah Godley – 11 year old Female – 5th
Allison Churko – 14 year old Female – 3rd (BRONZE) & Cruiser 16+ Female – 2nd (SILVER)
Dave Erwin – Cruiser Male 40-44 – 7th
Gina Godley – Cruiser Female 30+ – 7th
Dallas Giles – Cruiser Female 30+ – 8th
Mike Smith – Cruiser Male 35-39 – 1st (GOLD)
All Nanaimo BMX riders competed hard and brought their amazing sportsmanship to the track.
The next big stop for local riders will be the BMX Canada Canadian Grands being held in Chilliwack October 7-9th.