Baldursson jersey to be retired in season opener

Gunnhildur Sif Baldursson

(Wolfville, N.S.) Nearly 30 years after her death, her memory lives on in one of Canada’s longest running women’s soccer tournaments in July and now the retirement of her jersey.


In the fall of 1987, Acadia women’s soccer player Gunnhildur Sif Baldursson tragically lost her life in an automobile accident on Highway 101 outside of Sackville, Nova Scotia.


Baldursson was an AUAA (AUS) All-Star and her talents led to her to the Canadian National Team after completing only her third season with the Axettes (Axewomen).

Since her death on November 26, 1987, no Acadia women’s soccer athlete has worn the number nine jersey that she wore during her time at Acadia University.

This season will mark the 29th year since her death and also the return of the CIS Women’s Soccer Championship after a 16 year absence.


On Friday, September 9 at the 5:00 p.m. at the women’s soccer season opener, Baldursson’s number nine jersey will be officially retired between the women’s game conclusion and the men’s game at 7:00 p.m.


Baldursson’s jersey retirement will be attended her family members who have returned from her native Iceland.


Acadia Athletics’ Manager of Communications and Events, Eric Cederberg, knows well the background of Gunnhildur’s death and the impact it had on the Acadia community and the Nova Scotia Soccer community.


“As the Director of the Gunn Baldursson Memorial Women’s Soccer Tournament for 14 of the tournament’s 28 year history, I have developed a connection with her memory”, pointed out Cederberg.


“Gunn had a deep and profound impact on the local, provincial soccer community and Acadia. She was a model student-athlete excelling on the soccer pitch, in the classroom and as a musician”, added Cederberg.


The Axewomen soccer team opens the AUS regular season this Friday, September 9 beginning at 5:00 p.m. vs Saint Mary’s. Acadia University is host to the 2016 CIS Women’s Soccer National Championship this November 10-13.