Victoria Cougars name captain and assistants


The Victoria Cougars have named Jake Calverley as their captain.

Calverley, 20, takes over the captaincy from John Kretzschmar who graduated last season.

“From the very first day, Jake came in with a presence about him.  He is a natural leader who remains calm and always in control,” Cougars head coach Suneil Karod said.

Acquired from the Nanaimo Buccaneers this past summer, Calverley thrives on the pressure and responsibility.

“I think he feeds off of it and uses it to raise his game,” Karod said.  “Jake is joining a rank of some amazing people and he will represent us very well this season.  Guys look up to him.”

There will also be six assistant captains.

When Victoria wears black, Kenny Britton, Nick Gomerich, and Jordan Passmore will have the “A” on the front of their jerseys.

When the Cougars wear red, Grayden Hohl, Liam Kinshella, and James Scott will have the “A” on the front of their jerseys.

And when Victoria wears white, Gomerich, Kinshella, and Passmore will have the “A” on the front of their jerseys.

Fortunate to have such a strong leadership group, Karod and his coaching staff wanted to recognize the leadership skills of these players.



2015-16:  John Kretzschmar

2014-15:  Jake Stolz

2013-14:  Mark Walton

2012-13:  Brody Coulter

2011-12:  Brody Coulter

2010-11:  Adam Steenbergen

2009-10:  Thomas Kala

2008-09:  Cole Winans

2007-08:  Cory McGregor

2006-07:  Cam Smith

2005-06:  Trent Knorr

2004-05:  Tim Simpson

2003-04:  Tim Simpson

2002-03:  Mark Van Helvoirt

2001-02:  Mark Van Helvoirt

2000-01:  Chris Wiens