More winners and losers from week 10 In BCFC Football

October 1, 2016 Victoria, BC ( ISN ) - Rebel's Adam Masur put the hit on Bronco QB Colby Henkel - Erich Eichhorn image (

More Winners and Losers

A loss is a loss and a win is a win on the field. But there are times a win is bigger than another, while a loss can sometimes cut just a little deeper.

“More Winners and Losers” looks at those situations on a weekly basis in the British Columbia Football Conference.

This weekend settled the final hosting position and saw the season end for the Kamloops Broncos and Valley Huskers.

All in all, this was as competitive season the BCFC has seen in years.

Let’s take a look at more winners from week 10


Okanagan Sun

The Sun had lost three straight games heading into a pivotal game to preserve or lose a home play-off date that appeared a foregone conclusion a short time ago. Two of those losses could be described as deflating in the blowout loss to the Saskatoon Hilltops and upset in Nanaimo to the VI Raiders.

The offense was struggling and the club was taking an inordinate amount of penalties that would indicate a team in some level of disarray.

Then like a light switch was suddenly turned back on, the Sun club from weeks earlier appeared Sunday afternoon at the Apple Bowl. The Okanagan Sun didn’t just win the game to head into the play-offs on a winning note, they dominated and perhaps sent a message to the Rams they could be in for a rough ending to their season in two weeks when these teams meet again.

This was an impressive performance by the Sun and couldn’t have come at a better time.

A game like this can give a team its swagger back.


Langley Rams

The Rams were coming off a loss to the Westshore Rebels but had played well in the defeat. Previous to that they had won 6 of 7 games, the lone blemish to the Okanagan Sun. That was a game they could just as easily have won.

Their defence was playing well and they were heading to the Apple Bowl to take on an offense that could best be described as anemic the last two games. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, they were dominated in all facets by the Sun. The Rams lost the battle on offense, defense and special teams.

This game had all the ingredients for a classic Langley Rams and Okanagan Sun match-up.

The Rams didn’t uphold their end of the bargain on this day.


Jamel Lyles

We have a new rushing king as Lyles eclipsed a record that stood since the year 2000. There are several reasons the Westshore Rebels are the favorites to hoist the Cullen Cup at months’ end.

None bigger than #22 of the Rebels.


Valley Huskers

The Huskers have been getting props most weeks as the team showed a determination week after week as they endured loss after loss. They gave their opponent a battle most weeks and usually appeared miles ahead of where the team was at in 2015.

Still, at the end of the day the history books will show the Valley Huskers with an 0-10 record for the second straight season.

The Valley Huskers will be likely taking a hard look at all facets of the organization in the off season. There is real reason to be optimistic for 2017 but there is still lots of heavy lifting to be done.

Scott Harrigan
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