Curling volunteers in BC can complete a Criminal Record Check free of charge through the provincial government’s Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).

This program makes it easy for volunteers to then share the results of their checks with other registered organizations through the CRRP online services, reducing the need for multiple checks.

An access code on Curl BC’s website gives volunteers from Curl BC member facilities access to the service. Visit for more information.

The question from curling facilities is often: who should get a criminal record check done?

Curl BC encourages curling facilities to consider this question and put into place a volunteer screening policy at their facility which governs when a check should be completed, who has access to the results, how the results will be stored securely, and how often a check will be repeated for long service volunteers.

Any person who works directly with children or vulnerable adults should undergo a criminal record check. Vulnerable persons are defined as individuals who, because of their age, a disability or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent are (a) in a position of dependence on others or (b) are otherwise at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by a person in a position of authority or trust relative to them, as defined by the Criminal Records Act.

Individuals having a criminal record check completed through the CRRP must be at least 12 years of age. They must be able to have their identity verified through Electronic Identity Verification process (outlined online). If an individual cannot be verified electronically there is a manual paper process but it is slower.

A Criminal Record Checks is just one part of the volunteer screening process. Ensure that volunteers are matched to a position that meets their needs while also supporting the organizational goals and objectives, and minimizing the risks and liability to your facility.

One thing to keep in mind about criminal record checks is that they are but one step in a screening process for volunteers at your facility. Volunteers should be screened through a variety of means: intake interview, reference checks, position assignment, support & supervision, orientation and training, and follow-up. For more information on volunteer screening visit: