Rugby Canada is pleased to launch its National Core Skills resource that aims to support coaches in developing players to enhance the quality of the game.

The skills included in the resource aim to benefit all players, as well as position specific skills in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Lineouts
  • Kicking
  • Scrum techniques
  • Passing techniques

The resource offers the technical breakdown of the core skills as well as example games and drills that can be used to create the game related scenarios for the athletes.

The resource targets the ‘Train to Train’ and ‘Train to Compete’ stages of the Rugby Canada Long Term Rugby Development Model. The resource allows a coach to monitor the competency of the player and challenge the players’ technical knowledge with progressions as needed. The resource focuses on the following Long Term Rugby Development stages:

LTRD Stage 4 – Train To Train

  • Develop endurance, strength, and speed
  • Develop and consolidate rugby-specific skills, and tactics
  • Identify rugby-specific talent

LTRD Stage 5 – Train To Compete

  • Rugby Specialization and position specific
  • Optimize the engine and learn to compete
  • Identify position specific skills and individual preparation to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Integrate physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development

“The Core Skills resource is aligned with our recently launched National Key Themes resource,” said Paul Hunter, Rugby Canada’s Manager of National Coach Development. “These two resources will assist in making the game better by giving our coaches the tools to develop players abilities. The resource gives coaches the technical skills to develop players individually with a specific focus to LTRD stage 4 and 5.”

To view the National Core Skills, please click here.

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About Rugby Canada’s PlaySmart

Rugby Canada PlaySmart is a Player Welfare program that aims to educate Players, Parents, Coaches, Match Officials and Administrators on the safety of rugby across Canada.

The health and safety of every player across the country is of paramount importance and Rugby Canada strives to ensure a safe playing environment at all levels. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all players are protected by ensuring that the game is played safely.

As of February 1st 2016, in the interest of player safety, Rugby Canada will be implementing the Rugby Canada PlaySmart program, which recommends that everyone involved at all levels of the game complete the World Rugby RugbyReady and World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public modules.