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What would Vinny do?

OK so here we go again with Hey Ask Vinny , Got a question , need advice ,need a good rant …Ask Vinny , What would Vinny do ?

Mike Magee:  Vinny. Why did Marshawn Lynch really retire ?

Island Sports News: Something I’ve wanted to know to good question Mike.
Vince Greco:  – drug speculation !
Mike Magee: –  Why doesn’t Pro 12 just open up without Rugby Canada’s blessing. Carded players for Rugby Canada don’t receive that much $$$. I suspect a pro team would be able to easily offer more than what being carded offers financially. If enough players chased the dough there is not much Rugby Canada could really do.

Adrian Holland:  Hey Vinny…….did the Habs win again tonight?

Vince Greco: –  Excellent question Mr Holland – and yes they did. Complete domination over the Canucks with a shutout win. They beat a team that was undefeated at a certain point this year.
Island Sports News: – Piss off enough questions for Vinny tonight, ask Vinny is closed lol
Adrian Holland: –  Thank you for the answer Mr.Greco…….much appreciated
Vince Greco: – more than welcome- just trying to help out the dedicated ISN folk. We know there is a large Canadiens following here!!
Vince Greco: – you can pay me overtime, some great questions!!
Island Sports News: –  Lol

Glen Parsons:  Hey Vinny – Dusty or Fat Jack?

Vince Greco: –  Fat Jack, he was a beauty!! The ultimate partner. RIP to him! Not saying that Dusty wasn’t great – but he was no Fat Jack!
Glen Parsons: –  Question answered thank you
Vince Greco: – here to serve !
Glen Parsons: –  Wasn’t that Brad Hetts moto?
Vince Greco: –  Glen Parsons – ouch, some would say valid point! I think that is more of an Ian Flint thing…..not Darren Kerr though !

Anne Turley: Hey Vinny – what do you think of Darren Sproles – do you think his small size gives him an advantage?

Sorry, my football knowledge doesn’t have lines every 10 yards…… but would agree that a different look is an ok think. He can carry the ball and get away from the other monsters trying to stop him – then all good. Would be interesting to see longevity wise how he would make out after the hits ….

Darren Sproles
Darren Sproles

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