November 20, 2016   Victoria, BC ( ISN ) – In a breaking news story the Layritz Little League held a press conference announcing Sunday evening that they will host the 2020 Canadian Little League Baseball Championships.

Layritz Little League is proud to have been chosen to host this event, bringing top-flight Little League teams from across Canada to Victoria to compete for the honor to represent Canada at the Little League World Series.

Troy Dunning Layritz Little League
November 20,2016 ( ISN ) – Acting committee chair Troy Dunning unveils the 2020 Canadian Championship. – Erich Eichhorn image

Acting Chair of the committee driving the initiative to bring the tournament to Victoria, Troy Dunning, couldn’t be more excited about the announcement and the chance to host such an event. The tournament, absent from Victoria baseball diamonds for almost 30 years, was last held in 1991. “ This is an exciting and historic time for our park. Equally exciting is that this is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and our players to play in an international championship”, Dunning would explain.

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Dunning, crediting fellow board member Dave Potter for his insightfulness that Victoria was once again due for such an event, convinced the league to press forward with the application process. The process starting in May of 2016 at the district and provincial level went forward to Little League Canada and was granted approval last weekend.

The championship tournament event will draw the top teams from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and include the host team Layritz.

Hosting such an event will be no small feat, both financially and in volunteer support Dunning would comment. With a rough, projected budget of approximately $150,000 to put on the event, Layritz will certainly be looking to reach out to those that wish to support the championships. “ I was asked what we would need to host the tournament and I commented we need money, and we need people. I’m not sure it’s in that order. We’ll need lost of them”, Dunning would muse.

November 20, 2016 ( ISN ) - The icing on the cake of a lot of hard work behind the scenes pays off - Erich Eichhorn image
November 20, 2016 ( ISN ) – The icing on the cake of a lot of hard work behind the scenes pays off – Erich Eichhorn image

Dunning expects that this opportunity will spawn legacy projects, promoting baseball in Victoria, and Vancouver Island in general. “ We have an opportunity to welcome seven amazing teams, and we want to showcase our park and Victoria.”

For further information contact Layritz committee at http://www.