Geronimo Canoe Club

Geronimo Canoe Club has been selected to represent Canada at the IVF Va’a World Distance Champion June 28-30, 2017 in Tahiti. Geronimo Canoe Club has won 3 Canadian Nationals outrigger titles.

The Geronimo Canoe Club (GCC) is a team that was established in 1974 by late Ivan Morris and late Madeline Morris (Henry) of the TSARTLIP First Nation. The club was created by late Ivan and late Madeline, for their 4 sons (Wayne, Leonard, Howard and Bruce) and 2 daughters (Sylvia and Ivy) to compete in the traditional war canoe races in different traditional territories of Vancouver Island and the lower mainland.

Over the years GCC has found much success in these competitions. Late Ivan took charge in training the men’s and ladies’ crews not only physically but mentally and spiritually through traditional beliefs. Late Madeline also assisted by instilling her knowledge and traditions into the crew, also she took responsibility for nourishing the club before and after practices and races, which took place on a weekly basis. Now that they’ve passed away, they’ve left behind a great legacy for the Morris family to uphold together.

With the guidance of their parents and by following those same traditions of respect, direction and mentor-ship, the grandsons of late Ivan and late Madeline will attend this World Class event, in which they dedicate to their late grandparents.

Geronimo Canoe Club Tahiti 2017 is inviting the media to attend a Fundraising Dinner/Art Auction December 2nd, 2016 begins at 6pm at 7449 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay BC.The evening will be $20/person for dinner and there will be First Nations art that will be auctioned.