VICTORIA – Rookie Danielle Hanus medaled for the second straight day as the University of Victoria Vikes men’s and women’s teams remained in fourth place at the Canada West Swimming Championships in Edmonton, Alberta.



Hanus entered the day with one silver medal already under her belt after finishing second in the 50-metre backstroke on Friday night. The Newmarket, Ontario, native raced her way to a silver in the 200-metre backstroke on Saturday with a time of 2:09.03.

She added a fourth-place finish in the 100-metre butterfly to round out a successful first two days at the championship.

The men’s 4×100 freestyle relay team of Brett ZollenBuzz MallenderJosh Zakala and Eric Hedlin, who was one day removed from winning a gold medal in the 1,500-metre freestyle, took home a bronze while the women’s 4×100 freestyle team finished sixth.

Zakala added a fourth-place finish in the 400-metre individual medley while Zollen finished seventh in the 100-metre breastsroke. Kaitlin Gervais also made her A Final, picking up a seventh-place finish in the 200-metre freestyle.

Mallender celebrated his birthday by making his second U Sports cut, winning the B Final of the 200-metre backstroke. Aidan Thirkell made his first cut on Saturday, finishing with a lifetime best in the 100-metre breastroke to qualify for the 2017 U Sports Championships.

Hedlin also finished with a lifetime best, winning the B Final of the 200-metre freestyle by 2.4 seconds, while Thomas Van Maren took seven seconds off in the 400-metre individual medley prelims before being disqualified in the finals.

Just missing the U Sports cut was Bailey Espersen, who dropped 1.6 seconds in the 100-metre breaststroke. She has a good chance to make the cut tomorrow in the 200-metre breaststroke.

The Vikes are back at it again on Sunday for the final day of the Canada West Championships. Catch all the action on

50-m Freestyle: 24th – Allison Hampton (27.76), 27th – Tabitha Craig (28.09)
100-m Butterfly: 4th – Danielle Hanus (1:02.06)
200-m Backstroke: 2nd – Danielle Hanus (2:09.03), 13th – Allison Hampton (2:23.61), 15th – Taylor Snowden-Richardson (2:27.89), 22nd – Anna Letkeman (2:33.56)
100-m Breaststroke: 11th – Kara Wilson (1:13.27), 23rd – Andrea Farmer (1:17.56), 24th – Julianne Bartemucci (1:18.10)
200-m Freestyle: 7th – Kaitlin Gervais (2:06.22), 14th – Victoria Mock (2:08.09), 16th – Taylor Snowden-Richardson (2:09.03), 17th – Jennifer Reeves (2:11.28), 19th – Julianne Bartemucci (2:13.11), 20th – Tabitha Craig (2:13.18), 22nd – Anna Letkeman (2:14.47)
400-m Freestyle Relay: 6th – Danielle HanusKaitlin GervaisKara WilsonTabitha Craig

50-m Freestyle: 15th – Brett Zollen (23.83), 26th – Baylee Munro (24.68), 27th – Jeremy Lynn (24.72)
400-m Individual Medley: 4th – Josh Zakala (4:20.88), 14th – Sebastien Michaud (4:37.10), 18th – Justin Howe (4:44.15), 20th – Chris Deegan (4:48.29)
100-m Butterfly: 19th – Josh Zakala (57.41), 20th – Zander Glatz (57.45), 22nd – Justin Schramm (57.72), 27th – Bryce Molder (59.64)
200-m Backstroke: 9th – Buzz Mallender (2:01.69), Brandon Bronson (2:11.58)
100-m Breaststroke: 7th – Brett Zollen (1:03.41), 9th – Aidan Thirkell (1:02.86), 12th – Baile Espersen (1:03.91), 19th – Thomas Van Maren (1:06.55), 21st – Baylee Munro (1:07.85)
200-m Freestyle: 9th – Eric Hedlin (1:50.26), 12th Jon McKay (1:52.31), 14th – Justin Schramm (1:54.52), 15th – Jeremy Lynn (1:55.32)
400-m Freestyle Relay: 3rd – Brett ZollenBuzz MallenderJosh Zakala and Eric Hedlin


1. UBC, 657
2. Calgary, 377
3. Alberta, 323
4. Victoria, 172.50
5. Regina, 166.50
6. Lethbridge, 156
7. Manitoba, 116
8. Thompson Rivers, 47

1. UBC, 592
2. Alberta, 382
3. Calgary, 380.50
4. Victoria, 230.50
5. Regina, 160
6. Lethbridge, 138
7. Manitoba, 88