With this year’s Xmas break comes the road trip to Surrey as the VISL takes on the Fraser Valley Soccer League (FVSL) in 2 All-star game matches.

On Saturday January 7/2017 there will be a Masters All-star game at 1 pm as well as a Premiere Men’s All-star game at 3:15 pm.

The VISL won both these games last year here on the Island at Layritz Park.


-Team selected to defend the Premiere Men’s (Open Men’s) Title:


2016/2017 VISL Open Allstars:


Blair Sturrock – VI Wave
Paddy Grieg – Nanaimo
Riley Oneil – Vic West
Bryan Taylor – Vic West
Mathias Raps – Vic West
Nathan Bird – Vic West
Kean de Vries – Lakehill
Wes Barrett – Bays Utd
Alex Redpath – Bays Utd
Ia1n Walker – Gorge
Jon Shah – Gorge
Dominic Colontonio – Gorge
Govinda Innes – Cowichan
Craig Gorman – Cowichan
Steve Scott – Cowichan
Cooper Barry – Cowichan
Tyler Hughes – Cowichan
Kevan Brown – Cowichan
Patrick Nelson – Cowichan

Coach – Glen Martin – Cowichan
Manager – Neall Rowlings – Cowichan
Sponsor – Grant Olson – Strathcona Hotel
Uniform – Blue Umbro
Game – January 7th, 2017 @ Newton Athletic Park. 3:15 pm


-The team selected to try and win the Masters Title for the 4th year in a row:


2016/2017 VISL Masters Allstars:

Richard Lord – Cowichan 49ers
George Thomas – Cowichan 49ers
Rob McIntyre – Cowichan 49ers
Darcy Kulai – Cowichan 49ers
Ryan Fusick – Cowichan 49ers
Robbie Veenhof – Gorge FC Backfit
Nando Dunic – UVic Alumni
Will Moore – UVic Alumni
Jason Owen – UVic Alumni
Stef Olcen – UVic Alumni
Mike Hoffman – UVic Alumni
Sean Battistoni – UVic Alumni
Todd Vass – Nanaimo United
Jeevan Manhas – Saanich Fusion Old School
Elcidio Cabral – Saanich Fusion Old School
Steph Steiner – Saanich Fusion Old School
Matt Pye – Saanich Fusion Old School
Jeff Brown – Cordova Bay Bobcats
Scott Travers – Cordova Bay Bobcats

Coach – Kevin James – Cowichan
Manager – Brian Williams – Gorge FC Backfit
Sponsor – Moreno Stefani – Team Sales
Uniform – Blue/White Umbro
Game – January 7th, 2017 @ Newton Athletic Park. 1pm