Pacific Cycling Centre has announced a partnership with the Victoria Wheelers, one of the oldest cycling clubs in Victoria. PCC, through Head Coach, Houshang Amiri, will offer the club training and coaching services, and also develop a youth program with the intent of forming a U 19 team.

The Victoria Wheelers will benefit from the vast experience that PCC and Amiri offer, which includes personalized training, coaching and seminar time. Starting in January, the seminars will give members an understanding of the variables that impact performance, and the fundamentals of managing those variables.

A U 19 youth program will also be developed that will accommodate individual and group goals. Sound and safe training practices will be the foundation of the program ensuring each athlete develops at his or her own pace, while contributing to team objectives.

This team will benefit from the Victoria Wheelers long standing relationship with Oak Bay Bikes and the store’s desire to ensure that these young riders have what they need to achieve their goals.

“Having been involved with the Victoria Wheelers for over 30 years, and witnessed the success of past members such as three-time World Champion Alison Sydor, it is very exciting to see the club embark on this partnership with Houshang Amiri,” says Karl Ulrich, owner of Oak Bay Bikes. “The combination of Houshang’s expertise and the Victoria Wheeler’s passion for cycling will undoubtedly be the foundation for future cycling stars.”

Amiri has over 30 years’ experience in coaching having trained numerous athletes to World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games in road, mountain bike, track and Paralympics disciplines. His coaching philosophy and experience make him a perfect fit for the growing club membership.

“At Pacific Cycling Centre we always strive for excellence. We want to partner with like-minded individuals who are not just interested, but committed and willing to engage in high performance sport and talent development, to help build future Olympians, and make the sport accessible to everyone,” says Amiri.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with Victoria Wheelers, one of the oldest cycling clubs in the country, and who share the same vision and objectives as PCC. We know without such a committed group of people we can’t achieve our goals,” he added.