The “Heart” breast cancer campaign and why I’m mad!


Have you seen the pink hearts showing up all over Facebook?  Maybe you even posted one or maybe you’ve seen them but haven’t been hit with the “secret” message about them yet.

This most recent “post this heart” on Facebook is a breast cancer awareness campaign that’s been going around for a few days now (I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally been hit with this one more times than I can count) and I’m NOT happy about it! Stay with me here…I’ll share with you why in just a minute!

If you haven’t seen it,  it goes a little something like this message that arrived in my FB messenger – multiple times!

“Hello, can you put a on your wall, without comment, only a heart, then send this message to your female contacts. After putting one on the wall of the person who sent you this message. If anyone asks why you have so many hearts on your wall do not answer. It is for women only to remember its the week of breast cancer prevention! Check your boobies!! Hold your finger down on the message and hit forward.”

Many of you might be wondering why this message has gotten me into such a tizzy.  It sounds like a nice thing to do, right? The purpose isn’t my issue, the secrecy and lack of discussion around this important topic is.  We should be shouting from the roof tops about prevention, and I don’t mean mammograms and self-exams (although self-exams are not a bad idea). So I shouted today. I shouted very loud about prevention and I invited my social media friends and family to join me!  Will you join us too?  You can see exactly what I shouted below, or even better, I would love to invite you to join conversation on my Facebook wall which is growing! The response has been great.

Here’s what I posted:

“So I’ve seen a lot of Heart’s being posted and I’m guilty of posting the breast cancer heart myself. I’ve been asked so many times to share the heart in support of breast cancer but the more I think about this, the more upset I get and here is why. It’s NOT enough!

So I’m inviting you to join the conversation:

I don’t agree with the posting of the heart for breast cancer prevention. Most people would ask why?

Prevention in America is just going to the doctor and getting a mammogram, thermography or breast checks.

There is no discussion about toxins that should never be in your home that are carcinogens, about diet and nutrition (some foods are estrogenic and some reduce the risks of breast cancer by up to 88%…let’s talk mushrooms!), or using natural deodorant because anti-perspirants have aluminum that can increase breast cancers. There are no discussions around banning things like phthalates from our beauty care products that mimic estrogen in the body (increasing estrogen is adding fuel to the fire when it comes to breast cancer). What about the fact that cancer rates have gone up despite the millions of $$’s going into cancer research or the fact that more than 80% of breast cancers have no genetic component? Or let’s talk about the word “fragrance” as an ingredient on a label and how it’s a legal loophole where the government cannot regulate what those ingredients are and how “fragrance” can actually contain hundreds of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors in one product!

Lets contribute to the discussion of prevention of breast cancers that are hardly ever discussed- not just a

The U.S. bans only 11 ingredients from beauty care industry vs. close to 1,400 in the EU and 600 in Canada. (Canada, I expect better from you!)

Please start to do some research on the products that you are using daily in your household and on your skin, your largest organ. Empower yourself with information so you can learn to be your own best advocate and make better choices.


So I am personally inviting you to #jointheconversation.  I would love to hear what prevention tips you have for Breast Cancer that you could share to raise more awareness and read the ones that have already been posted.  You might learn something new today.

Healthy Wife, Happy Life is openly searching for more women who are open to joining the conversation in a private, exclusive women’s only group to raise awareness, educate and inspire others to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  If you are passionate about health, safety, beauty from the inside out and protecting our children and families from toxic exposures, we would love to talk to you. I would personally love to invite you to join our private Facebook group at Meet Beautycounter.  We would love to have you and hear your voice!
Together, we are strong!

Cancer is on the rise in North America.  It’s time we start talking! It’s time we start fighting for change!

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