Florida Auto Exchange Stadium

The Toronto Blue Jays will have new security measures in place for all home games at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium to help ensure a safe, family-friendly ballpark environment to all visitors of the stadium.

In accordance with enhanced security policies being implemented by Major League Baseball, every guest entering Florida Auto Exchange Stadium will be required to pass through walk-thru metal detectors at all gates and entrances to the stadium. Metal-detecting wands will also be utilized by stadium staff and local law enforcement if any follow-up is necessary following walk-thru.

We are also proud to announce Florida Auto Exchange Stadium will now be a smoke free facility. There will be no re-entry into Florida Auto Exchange Stadium if a fan chooses to leave the ballpark for any reason after entering.

To further ensure a safe game day environment for fans, players, and staff, all vehicles entering Florida Auto Exchange Stadium property will be subject to inspection.

To make this new process efficient and hassle-free for all fans, Major League Baseball recommends that guests arrive at the stadium at least twenty minutes prior to the first pitch.  When approaching the gates, fans will be asked to remove cell phones, keys, and any metal objects and place them in containers provided by stadium staff when passing through the metal detectors. Any electronics, such as tablets and cameras, should be pulled out and ready to be inspected entering the stadium. Fans should also present any bags, backpacks, or purses they are carrying to stadium security for inspection. Bags larger than 41cmx20cmx20cm or 16x16x8 inches will not be allowed into the stadium.

The new security policies will be enforced at all games at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium beginning with the Toronto Blue Jays’ Spring Training home opener on Sunday, February 26th, and will remain in effect throughout Spring Training and the Florida State League season.