Paige Bednorz

The Kelowna Rockets Hockey Club would like to acknowledge and congratulate former Media Relations Intern Paige Bednorz on becoming a new Digital Content Producer for SOS Media Corp in Edmonton, AB.

Bednorz writes daily content for client’s social media accounts. These clients include but aren’t limited to the Hyatt Hotel, Busters Pizza and the Sawmill all located in Edmonton.

Bednorz was with the Rockets from December 27th to February 1st before getting hired immediately following her internship.

We asked Paige how she felt her time in Kelowna prepared her for her new position.

“Interning for the Rockets allowed me to get familiar with working on social media professionally,” said Bednorz.

“It also gave me the chance to really flex my writing skills, and get me ready for my job now.”

While with the Rockets Bednorz was able to become proficient in story writing, social media management, as well as time management, just to name a few of the media related skills she was able to acquire.

The Digital Content Producer is a brand new position with SOS Media Corp and they are excited to be working with her.

Paige’s hard word and her ability to listen and learn with Kelowna managed to earn her this new position in Edmonton.