An Open Letter to Jose Mourinho from a Chelsea fan

Jose Mourinho

Dear Jose Mourinho,

“Please, don’t call me arrogant. Because what I am saying is true, I am European champion, so I am not one of the bottle. I think I’m a special one”.
These words were enough for me to idolise you as a manager when you first arrived at Chelsea.

With time, the words in the press conference room that day converted into one solid performance after another. It was buoyant time for a Chelsea fan; we had a world class team and the “Special One”.

Despite all your successes for Chelsea, Roman Abramovich wanted more. A European title was in the Russian’s demands,
and as a result, you lost your job. However, your fans were always with you. For us, you remained the Special One even though you were no longer ours.

We crossed each others’ roads again in the Champions League when you were in Inter. But it didn’t matter that you were an opposition that day. We sang and celebrated our times together at Chelsea and even though, you defeated us to get through the next stage we vouched for you and your team in the Champions League that season.

It won’t be far fetched to say that we always knew you would be back in Chelsea. After all, you always showed affection and respect towards the club despite managing in Italy and Spain. The return of ‘The Happy One’ as you put, made us jovial and it felt whole.

As a returning manager, you were tasked with living up to the high standard you set for yourself in your first campaign. With shrewd signings in the second summer, you didn’t disappoint. We won the title comfortably, and we came back to the winning ways after a long wait in the Premier League.

But, alas, things went from perfect to a collapse so soon. No one could predict it; I am sure, you tried your best. Despite all what happened throughout the season – to Eva Carneiro fiasco to the reported dressing room bust-ups- we were by your side throughout the journey. Some fans even went so far as to berate our players because they were frustrated to see you dejected. It was a bitter ending to a fairytale journey with you and Chelsea. The final goodbye also meant that we’d never see you on our sidelines again. That was heart-wrenching for me, for any Chelsea fan there is – after all, you put us on the map of English football.

In fact, destiny put you on our sidelines again. I was not vexed to know that you decided to join Manchester United. It was our fault we sacked you, and you had every right to accede to the club you desire.

However, there was a particular alteration to your feelings towards the club and its fans. I understand that you cannot show the same love and affection, considering you now manage our division rivals. But a little respect wouldn’t certainly have hurt anyone.

It took just a few months for you to label the Old Trafford supporters as “the best you ever had”. I adhere to your press approach philosophies. After all, it has made your managerial career so successful. Even so, the statement ignored the wholesome and unwavering support we gave you for so many years. We stacked by your side amidst all the criticisms and fiascos surrounding the club.

The drubbing in your first return to Stamford Bridge after the sack last season could have probably hurt your sentiments. It was lethal from Antonio Conte’s Chelsea – they showed no mercy on the pitch. Along with that, you are attributed to be frustrated by a sudden transformation of work level demonstrated by the players this season. However, the fans never pointed the finger at you – in fact, we supported you when we were 16th as we did when we won the title. The love story never depended upon the performances; we trusted you to get us out of any misery; you’re our Special One. It’s a completely different story that the club didn’t feel the same.
So when you consistently brought us into your negative remarks in the press conferences and your consistent approach in downsizing our performances this season – your message was clear to us. After all, no one knows Jose Mourinho as a manager better than us.
The Judas comments were outrageous – and lacking respect. But the “f** off Mourinho” chants were made as an aftermath of your collision with our current manager, Antonio Conte.  Like you said:”When a player joins the rival, the love story is over.”

We respect you for the contributions you have made for the club – you are our most successful manager and will possibly remain as Chelsea’s no.1 manager for years to come. However, the level of admiration and affection we had towards you – would always have been under scrutiny because of your constant provocation and negative remarks towards the club throughout the season. It is a two-way street. While you were pointing three fingers as to show the number of titles you had won with us, you should also remember the times when we regularly sang your name even though we were lingering around in the relegation zone. The Judas is number one regarding success; however, if things continue to remain as they are, you are unlikely to remain our favorite and our ‘Special One’.

Thank you,
A Chelsea fan.