April 3, 2017, Victoria BC: The Eves of Destruction kicked off their 2017 season (with a win and a loss) Saturday night, with both house teams playing in a double header event in front of over 600 fans! The Belles of the Brawl recorded their first win of 2017, when they bested up island rivals The Brick House Betties 240-95. The Margarita Villains started their season off with a tough loss to Rose City’s Heartless Heathers, from Portland, OR falling 227-175.

After a challenging 2016 season and a number of roster changes during the off-season, the Belles of the Brawl stormed into 2017 with a big win. Going into the game their focus was on determination, teamwork and grit. Toombstone, who is in her first year as captain of the team, praised the Brick House Betties for being a tough opponent: “They are a solid team, the result this weekend shows how far we’ve come [since 2016] and highlights how we came together and applied what we know as a team.” The Belles of the Brawl MVP was awarded to Haul Ass Hanna, who was skating in her first game back after maternity leave. Drew Bury Moore was named MVP for the Brick House Betties.

Fans who were at the game will be pleased to know that Tinker Bully, who left the game due to injury early in the first half, is doing alright! She was injured during legal game play and taken to the hospital with a fractured orbital bone; the Eves have been in touch with her and she assures us that she is in good spirits, with no signs of concussion or permanent injury. The Eves wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on skates soon!

The Margaria Villains faced a formidable opponent in Rose City’s Heartless Heathers, but the team was pleased with their performance despite taking a loss. From co-captain Tina F. Lawless: “I think we’re all really proud with how we played. Our jammers were pushing hard and playing smart. Our blockers were able to hold the jammers once they were caught. I think we did a really good job!” Bettina Slay agreed, adding “I felt like they were an excellent, challenging match for us. It was really exciting to play a house team from the same league as the current WFTDA world champs!” The Villains went into halftime with a small lead, but were unable to hold on, ultimately falling to the more experienced Heathers by a score of 227-175. Belle Starr was awarded MVP for the Heartless Heathers, while Roadhouse Bruise and Pfury S. Pfaff went home with awards for the Villains, winning MVP Jammer and MVP Blocker respectively.

Your next opportunity to see roller derby in Victoria will be May 6th: The Hard Cores vs Pow!Town Roller Derby & The Margarita Villains vs Harbour City. Tickets for the second double header of 2017 are currently available online and at Ticket Rocket HQ (804 Broughton), with more vendors coming soon!

All 2017 events are family friendly (kids under 10 are free!), include a beer garden, halftime events, vendor village and TWO games full of hard hitting action!

The Eves of Destruction Roller Derby League was formed in 2006, has over 70 players, refs, and officials, and features five teams. Adult members play for The A-Team, The Belles of the Brawl, The Margarita Villains and The Hard Cores. The league also has a gender-inclusive junior team, The Rotten Apples, made up of players aged 10-18.