As the Kelowna Rockets enter the second round of the 2017 WHL Playoffs, they wanted to a take a second to acknowledge and thank all of the schools that the Rockets had the pleasure of visiting throughout this season.

Kelowna Elementary Schools4

Almost every week of the regular season (sometimes two-three times a week) an average of four players would stop by elementary schools throughout Kelowna and the surrounding areas in order to read to students, play floor hockey, answer any and all questions, and on one occasion the kids even got to skate with a few of the Rockets.

Kelowna Elementary Schools1

The kids are always overjoyed when meeting and talking to the players, but what the kids may not know is that the players love seeing the smiling faces just as much.

Kelowna Elementary Schools2

The following is a list of the elementary schools that the Rockets got to visit:

Glenmore Elementary

South Kelowna Elementary

South Rutland Elementary

Chief Tomat Elementary

Dorthea Walker Elementary

AS Matheson Elementary

Belgo Elementary

Watson Road Elementary

Mar Jok Elementary

Quigley Elementary

George Pringle Elementary

Chute Lake Road Elementary

Davidson Road Elementary

Raymer Elementary

North Glenmore Elementary

Ellison Elementary

Black Mountain Elementary

Kelowna Christian Elementary

Shannon Lake Elementary

Bankhead Elementary

Anne McClymont Elementary

Peter Greer Elementary

Thank you to all the staff and students of each one of those schools for making each visit a fun and special one for the kids.

The Rockets are done with school visits for another season, but don’t worry kids, they’ll be back next season!