April 2, 2017 Victoria, BC (ISN) - - Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

An entertaining night in Club Distrikt within the Strathcona Hotel on Friday April 7/2017.

A night to celebrate the local successes by teams and individuals.

Attached is our full listing of 42 awards this year.

Many thanks to Cliff Lequesne who MC’d the night; there is a chance we may ask him back for next year.  J


Our higher profile awards – was definitely the closest I have witnessed since being involved administratively for the past 17 years.

Our Division 1 MVP – I had to wait till the final game was played as the voting submissions were that close.


The Lou DaCosta Division 1 Keeper of the Year was Iain Walker of Gorge FC.

The Ivy Lucas Rookie of the Year was Will Adams of VI Wave.

The Division High Scorer as well as the League Golden Boot recipient was Patrick Nelson of Cowichan LMG.

The Dr JD Hunter Award for the MVP of the Division was Jon Shah of Gorge FC.

Our Referee of the Year (for the 2nd year in a row) was Nathan Bird.

The Team of the Year was Mid Isle Mariners Div 3.

Our final award of the evening – the President’s Trophy – recipient is the most dedicated individual, player, team official, team or Club within the VISL.  Recipient was Glen Martin; the current Coach of Cowichan LMG.


A great evening to raise a glass and break bread with members of yesteryear and VISL’ers from all the different divisions.