Borussia Dortmund

BVB has launched the first of its live streaming series in partnership with Mailman, a Shanghai based sports marketing agency. The live stream is led by a bi-lingual host from Germany who will interact with the different guests and guide the viewers throughout the show.

Episode 1 on Saturday was a stadium and museum tour with club legend and current stadium announcer Norbert “Nobby” Dickel that was viewed by close to 3 million people online in China.

Next steps to follow this week 

This week already, there will be 3 additional live streams at the training centre with the participation of two first team players, a tour of the Footbonaut, as well as the exclusive launch of the new season kit online in China. During BVB’s Asia Tour and in the 2017-18 season, the club will continue to work with Mailman to produce around 20 more live stream shows. “The live streaming series is meant to be a cornerstone of our international media activities within Borussia Dortmund’s internationalization strategy”, said jointly Carsten Cramer, BVB director sales and marketing, and Sascha Fligge, BVB director communications. “The strong debut once again proves the growing interest of Chinese football fans in our club”, they added.

The first 4 episodes are taking place in Dortmund, focusing on the clubs values and what makes the team so popular in China and the world. “Live streaming enable us to highlight main characteristics of BVB and the city of Dortmund, such as the stadium and its world famous ‘yellow wall’; the passionate people of Dortmund and their close ties with the club; the training ground with its state-of-the-art youth academy and the prestigious Footbonaut. With the participation of current and former players, this makes for an exciting series to watch”, said Justin Tan, Vice President Strategy at Mailman.

Live streaming has been the latest trend online in China and has now become a common form of content consumption. There is an estimated 300 million live stream users online in China.

BVB already leading the way in China 

Borussia Dortmund were the first European team to successfully launch a live stream online in China back in Shanghai last year. The club worked with Tencent Sports to produce a 1 hour live stream with first team players. In the Red Card 2017 report, BVB were announced as the winners of Live Streaming online in China.