1. The First Indian Dish he ever tried was every Non-Veg eating Indian’s love affair, Butter Chicken. He was so in love with it that it still remains his favorite Indian dish!


  1. Brett Lee actually likes Vegemite.


  1. His Introduction to the Australian team was a prank. While he was waiting for his turn ,  ‘Gilly’ distracted him by talking to him and in the mean while Glen tied up Lee’s shoe laces. This match happened to be his debut against India.


Brett Lee
Brett Lee
  1. The first desi tune he ever tapped his feet to was, “Muqabala”.


  1. Though Brett lee AKA ‘Binga’ is not in for rumors but if he HAD to start a rumor about himself it would be that he has scored a Test Century.


  1. He’s seen Sandeep Patil as a cricketer and but is inspired and intrigued  by Sandeep’s culinary masteryon  ‘Taste Match’  as well.



  1. The newly turned actor, Lee has a set of favorites in Bollywood, The king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and the phenomenal and ever bubbly Pretty Zinta.



  1. His Priced possession or as Gollum would have it ‘his precious’ would be his Baggy Green Cap, The proud Lee said “Once that’s on I feel like a warrior. You grow in stature and you grow in style and I’ve waited so long to wear that cap.”


  1. The fast bowler has mastered the BBQ Skills, and  can grill some mouth watering pork, lamb and ribs.


  1. His go to snack while watching a match would be Fruits or some peanuts.


Brett Lee
Brett Lee
  1. Though his first love will always be cricket, the bowler in his free time likes to play golf and bait some fish.



  1. He likes Pineapples on his Pizza, actually he loves pizza’s so much that he could eat ‘em all daaaay.


  1. The one advice that he gives to aspiring fast bowlers is *Insert Drum-roll*:  Don’t forget about them light weights, so repeats and cardio is the way to go.


  1. Also last but not the least, He still remembers the tune to the song he collaborated with Asha Bhosle on, “you’re the one for me” .