Samim Rizvi

Bangalore: Samim Rizvi is the first Indian to qualify for, what is considered the world’s toughest sporting event, the Race Across America, by riding 701 km Non-stop in 24 hrs.
He is now on a mission to accomplish two tasks, one being the official RAAM finish in June ’17 while the other is to set the Guinness world record for the farthest distance cycled in a month, the current record being 6,455 km.

Race Across America is the world’s toughest bicycle race where the rider has to ride approximately 4,800 km from the west coast to the east coast of the United States in 12 days. In 2011, Samim made it all the way to the finish line, thus becoming the first Indian to finish the race in solo category, but unfortunately just outside the twelve day cut-off.

He will race again in this June, accompanied by a 10 member crew, to earn the official RAAM solo finish and to see the Indian flag on the finisher’s podium.
Samim will also ride for a month during April, to set the Guinness world record for the farthest distance cycled in a month. He intends to do this to promote cycling as a sport and to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

While the preparation and training for these are under way, execution is definitely an expensive affair. The cost for training, nutrition, equipment to be bought, travel, expenses of the crew etc. is expected to be close to INR 50 lakhs. As of today, Samim still needs INR 30 lakhs to achieve his dream of carrying the tri-colour flag across the finish line.

Crew for Race Across America will consist of 11 people including the rider and for the Guinness record ride it’d be 4 people including the rider.

The breakup of the funds is as follows :

(20 days)                                                                       
Travel        7,00,000.00
SUV and RV rental and Gas        7,00,000.00
Rider Nutrition        2,00,000.00
Crew stay and food        3,00,000.00
Equipment and Other expenses        5,00,000.00
Guinness Record Ride (30 days ) 
Fuel and Branding        1,00,000.00
Rider Nutrition        2,00,000.00
Crew and Rider – Stay and Other expenses        3,00,000.00
Total    30,00,000.00

He is running a crowdfunding campaign on BitGiving to seek support. Check out the link here –

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