Eves’ Rainbow Riders,Photo Credit: Bob Vanderford

Following a very tight and blisteringly intense match, the Eves of Destruction A-Team lost to the Anarchy Angels of the the Mainland Misfits, with a final score of 150-120 Saturday night (July 8th).


The Anarchy Angels took an early lead, with jammer Thrillhouse winning Angels MVP for leading high scoring jams.  However, as the match went on the A-Team closed the gap, adapting to the Angel’s jamming style and showing some superb blocking.  Along with this came spectacular performances from jammers Piledriver, Tina F.Lawless and Toombstone, all of whom pounded out high scoring jams for the A-Team in the second half of the game. While all A-Team players were skating hard and giving it 100%, the MVP title went to Piledriver for their incredible plays, stamina, and team support.


Saturday’s showdown against the Anarchy Angels marked the first Eves of Destruction game played as a mock sanctioned Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) bout. As a result, the A-Team, who improved their score dramatically since their last match against the Angels, have taken the next step in the process of joining the WFTDA.


Some particularly incredible plays which had the audience on their feet talking included some killer teamwork by Piledriver and The Wife of Wrath, who managed to prevent the Angels from completing a star-pass in the second half of the game. Also, both Felix the Brat and Frank’s Red Hot took full advantage of a few power jams, racking up a ton of points for the Eves.


The annual Glitter Bomb versus Rainbow Riders game beforehand was equally as exciting, with the final score being 284-165 in favor of the Rainbow Riders, their second win in as many years.   Lightning Striker of the Glitter Bombs was named MVP, playing double duty as a jammer and a blocker as needed.  The Rainbow Riders named their MVP as Reaver Song who proved to be a strong opponent on the track. The bout this year showcased many players from outside the league, which helped contribute to the fast, intense, and high scoring match.  ReGretel, captain of the Rainbow Riders, attributed good communication to the team’s success, stating:


“I was super proud of my team.  We didn’t know each other very well because of the mixed group, but we kept our calm and communicated well- we remembered to play a team game.”


While the game was exciting and competitive, it was also showcased one of the best things about Roller Derby- the open and inclusive community. The Eves of Destruction supports the LGBTQ community, promotes acceptance and does not tolerate discrimination. It was an invitation game in which all competitive derby players were welcomed.  The players weren’t the only ones having a great time, says referee TKO:


“[The game] was very fun and lighthearted, with many smiles and laughter between the teams. Even the penalty box officials had a little fun with synchronized squats between jams. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to Head Referee the most colourful game of the season!”


The skaters on both teams gave it their all, with particularly spectacular skating by jammers Jonestown Mascara and Rip Kurl. Big congratulations and thanks to both the Rainbow Riders and Glitter Bombs for getting on board with the “penalty box buy-out”; an element of the game that was incorporated especially for the pride bout. During the game, audience members had the opportunity to make donations and buy players out of the penalty box before serving their full penalties. All donations raised went to the Victoria Pride Society, and shorter penalty times definitely made for an exhilarating game.


The next home game of the season be an exhibition game with tickets being sold by donation. It will all go down on August 12th with a double header featuring the Eves’ Hard Cores versus the Brass Knuckle Derby Dames, followed by the A-team squaring off against Camaro Harem from Everett, WA. The final game of the season takes place on Saturday, Sept. 16th, and will feature the traditional matchup between The Margarita Villains and The Belles of the Brawl. Prior to this headlining game, the Rotten Apples Junior Derby will be facing off against the Candy Crushers.

Doors open at 5 pm, seats are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets can be purchased online, or at Logan’s Pub, Hive Hair and The Esquimalt Recreation Centre.