Westshore Bears Junior B Lacrosse Team
The Westshore Bears Junior B Lacrosse Team was founded and formed in 2004 by the Alexander family along side some of their closest lacrosse friends, James Morgan, Stephen Hussey, Wayne Bateman and Dave Appleyard who shared their passion for the game.

The Westshore Bears are now entering their 14th year of play out of the Westshore’s Q Centre. The vision behind this endeavour, for Robyn and Ken, was to create a fun and competitive atmosphere, where young athletes could continue to play a sport they loved, while being supported for the entire stretch of their journey: both emotionally and athletically. The Alexander family are more than just owners, coaches and managers; they are people who strive to create a large extended family that welcomes all athletes into play.
They have not only coached and counseled countless athletes, but instilled the tools, values and integrity to have them to play the game with passion and respect. The Alexanders’ have had a hand in assisting these dedicated athletes in the creation of many life-long relationships. The Westshore Bears have always had a strong commitment to the community, and this year is no exception. This devotion of the entire family including Ryan, Nikki, Rheal and their children are a large part of what makes this team great, for both the young athletes and our local community.
The 17-21 year old players are encouraged to participate in, not only, the junior system, but to give back by coaching, mentoring and volunteering at community events. The Westshore Bears strive towards excellence, and in the past 13 seasons have won the League Championship more than once: Island Championship multiple times, gold, silver, and bronze during Provincials and participated in the medal rounds in multiple seasons. The primary focus for each season, will be, and continue to be one that encourages our young athletes to strive for excellence, while having fun, developing skills and supporting a healthy team atmosphere in a competitive environment.
The Westshore Bears and Alexander family are grateful for the continued and generous community support and the countless hours their loyal longstanding dedicated volunteers give to ensure each season is a success. Westshore Bears Jr. B. Lacrosse Team clinches Vancouver Islands Provincial Spot.
Provincials are in Vernon August 4 – 7th Bears play Nanaimo in the first round of playoffs.
Game #1 Q Center Thursday July 13th – Bears win, Bears – 17 Nanaimo – 3
Game #2 Nanaimo Ice Center Sunday July 16 – Bears win, Bears – 15 Nanaimo – 8
Saanich sweeps Campbell River in their first round of playoffs in two games Final matchup Bears vs Saanich in best of 5 game matchup.
Game #1: Q Center Thursday July 20th.
Bears up 3-4 goals the entire game until the 3rd period. 2:37 minutes left and we were up 11 – 9 over Saanich.
Saanich scored 3 goals and won 12-11.
Game #2: Archie Browning Arena Saturday July 22nd.
Close game the entire way through, end of the first period, tied 2-2 / end of the second period tied 4-4 / going into the third period, Bears score to make it 5-4. Another goal making it 6-4 Bears, 7-4 / 7-5 / 7-6 / and finally finish the third period 8-6 Bears…Series tied at 1-1.
Game #3: Q Center Arena Monday July 24th.
We just can’t get it by their goalie and its 4-0 Saanich at the end of the first period. Second period starts and we get a goal, now 4-1, 4-2, 5-2 Saanich, 5-3, 5-4…we are finally catching up, Bears final get another goal tieing the game up 5-5. Bears finish off the second 6-5. Third period begins and we get another few goals making it 8-5 Bears but then Saanich comes back and ties it 8-8. Bears score to make 9-8… 9.6 seconds left in the third period and Saanich calls a time out…can we keep it together…YES, Bears win 9-8 !! Series now at 2-1 for the Bears !!
Game #4: Archie Browning Arena, Wednesday July 26th. 
Bears get the first 3 goals and at the end of the first period its 3-0 Bears. Period 2, Bears add another goal and Saanich isn’t on the board yet, End of second period 5 – 0 Bears. Third period Saanich scores their first of the night, now 5-1 Bears with Saanich getting their 2nd goal making it 5-2 Bears. Mid way through at 9:43, Bears get another goal making it 6-1, then both teams get goals making it 7-2 then 8-2 with 5:23 remaining and the final is…. 8-2 Westshore Bears. Bears win the series 3 game to 1 !!!