VICTORIA – It’s the race of the summer and University of Victoria Vikes men’s rowing crews are ready to see how their summer training has paid off at the upcoming and prestigious Royal Canadian Henley Regatta hosted Aug. 6-13 in St. Catharines, Ont.

The Henley regatta has attracted stiff competition and prestigious crews from all over North America for over 135 years.

“The historical presence of this regatta draws the fastest crews to come and compete,” described Vikes men’s rowing Captain Adam Donaldson. “Since the only medal awarded is first place, racing crews are preparing to be as fast as possible when they go to the line.”

“When compared to the Canadian University Championships, the scale of this regatta is exponentially larger. Some events will have as many as 75 entries. We get the opportunity to race the best crews from all over the US and Canada, as well as some national team crews and so it really is a conglomeration of the best talent and speed out there.”

The men’s program continues to showcase its depth as athletes like Patrick Kean, Lucien Broeur, Ty Adam and Taylor Perry have been busy representing Canada on the world stage, while a solid core of the Team BC rowing program at the Canada Games is bolstered by Vikes.

“After the Canada Summer Games, the crew that stayed to train on Elk Lake will travel to meet the crew that raced Canada Summer Games to create some strong boats at Canadian Henley,” outlines Vikes men’s rowing head coach Aalbert van Schothorst. “Based on the numbers that we have, we look forward to racing twenty heavy and lightweight events, including both a U23 as well as a senior men’s eight. That’s a lot of racing starts and the crew will generate a lot of experience from that.”

“The largest challenge about this regatta is the amount of racing we do,” echoes Arscott. “Most athletes will compete in 3 or 4 categories and on average are racing two times a day for four or five days. That’s a lot of racing but I am confident in our team’s fitness. We recover between races extremely well.”

This event is also just three months shy of the Canadian University Championship, hosted in Burnaby Nov. 4-5. The Henley Regatta will be a prime chance for crews to test raw speed before entering their championship season.


Men’s Single: Gordon Macdonald, Matthew Seaby, Cody Bailey, Patrick Loliger
Lightweight Four: Chris Clarke, Idjen Cabral, Ellis Hollands, Saul Abraham Garcia-Alvarez
Double: Patrick Loliger, Saul Abraham Garcia-Alvarez
Senior Eight: Bailey Kulman, Matthew Seaby, Brett Larson, Alec Stapff, Mark Davies, Cody Bailey, Nicholas Ridenour, Adam Donaldson, Eric Arscott
Eight Dash: Bailey Kulman, Matthew Seaby, Brett Larson, Alec Stapff, Mark Davies, Cody Bailey, Nicholas Ridenour, Adam Donaldson, Eric Arscott
Senior Quad: Matthew Seaby, Gordon Macdonald, Brett LarsonMark Davies
U23 Double: Alec Stapff, Robert Hodgins
U23 Lightweight single: Ellis Hollands, Idjen Cabral
U23 Single: Alexander Matson
U23 Eight: Bailey KulmanAdam Donaldson, Aelon Nicolson, Nicholas Ridenour, Alec Stapff, James Ridenour, Eric Arscott, Travis GronsdahlIsaac Donaldson
U23 Straight Four: Travis GronsdahlIsaac Donaldson, Eric Arscott, Adam Donaldson
U23 Quad: Ellis Hollands, Travid Gronsdahl, Robert Godgins, Aelon Nicolson
U23 Lightweight Double: Idjen Cabral, Chris Clarke
U23 Pair: Nicholas Ridenour and James Ridenour; Travis Gronsdahl and Isaac Donaldson
U23 Lightweight Pair: Ellis Hollands, Chris Clarke