Team BC Photo by Kevin Bogetti-Smith

Team BC athletes turned in top performances during the late afternoon and evening sessions as the 2017 Canada Games athletics competition wrapped Friday up in Winnipeg.

The athletics team won medals in hurdles, pole vault, hammer throw, 5000 metres and para shot put.

Team BC’s men’s and women’s 4x400m relay teams capped off the evening with gold-medal performances in the final events of the athletics competition.

Friday night medals at the University of Manitoba Stadium

BC – Gold – men’s 4x400m relay (3:13.18)

  • HANNA, Jake (Surrey)
  • BLAKE, Jerome (Kelowna)
  • JARRON, Lukas (Vancouver)
  • AONO, Michael (Delta)

BC – Gold – women’s 4x400m relay 3:43.35

  • CHAMPOUX, Megan (Aldergrove)
  • TOWNSEND, Addy (Coquitlam)
  • DODD, Sophie (Vancouver)
  • D’AGNOLO, Lauren (Victoria)
BOYD, David (Victoria) Gold – men’s pole vault (4.80m)

HOOTON, Jesse (Surrey) Gold – men’s 5000m (14:23.59)

CHEUNG, Jackson (Vancouver) Gold – men’s 110m hurdles (14.20)

BUTLER, Kaila (Port Coquitlam) – Gold women’s hammer throw (56.38m)

BOTSIS, Chanell (Coquitlam)- Silver women’s hammer throw (56.21m)

SOLLA, Eddy (Chilliwack) – Silver Para shot put

DARLING, Dakoda (Coqitlam) – Bronze Para shot put

Quotes from Team BC medallists – Friday evening session 

BOYD, David (Victoria) – Gold men’s pole vault – 4.80m
On getting his personal best at the Canada Games

“We got delayed for over an hour halfway through, so it took a little bit of time. I hit every single height that I wanted to hit. And then I got 4-80 on my second attempt and then no one else got it. I put the bar at 5 (metres) for a new personal best but came down.  But 4-80 was good enough to win today.

On being at the Canada Games 
“I am pretty excited it’s a good atmosphere here. It was fun.”

CHEUNG, Jackson (Vancouver) – Gold 110m men’s hurdles 
On his race
“That was an eight out of ten race. I was really nervous. I ran pretty fast for myself on Tuesday in the heats. I am happy with the win. The time wasn’t there at 14.22, but I am happy.”

On being at the Canada Games
“It’s a fantastic experience in a multi-games. The way this is set up lets you run really fast. You don’t have to take care anything. They’ve got shuttles, they’ve got food and they take care of everything, it makes it so easy an athlete to come here and perform.”

HOOTON, Jesse (Surrey) – men’s 5000m
On racing at the end of athletics competition and winning Gold 
“I’ve been here since Thursday last week. I’ve a good nine or so days to just not much and think about the race, a lot of pondering. It gave me a lot of time to build anticipation for this race. By the time the race came around, I wanted to win more than anything. I am so happy to just get it done.”

HANNA, Jake (Surrey) – men’s 4x400m relay
“It was just surreal and the last race of the games, everyone is tired and so hyped. And watching the girls win, there’s no better way to cap it off.”

JARRON, Lukas (Vancouver)- men’s 4x400m relay

I got the baton first. Great leg from Jerome to get it to me there there and I just hung on for dear life. I saw Michael at the end and sent it.

BLAKE, Jerome (Kelowna) – men’s 4x400m relay
“I feel like we had a chip on our shoulder coming in after the baton drop in the four by 100, so we wanted to show everyone that we are not an inferior team. BC track and field is actually good. We’re here to work. BC track and field is coming back.”

AONO, Michael (Delta)- men’s 4x100m relay
“We didn’t know how that race ws going to go. we just gave it our all and we’re happy with the result.”

DODD, Sophie (Vancouver) – women’s 4x400m relay 
“I was the third leg and I knew there were some good girls on the anchor leg for the other teams, so I knew that we had to be in the lead going into the last leg, so that’s what I did. I worked my hardest to get my team in the lead. I am very proud of everyone on the team.”

D’AGNOLO, Lauren (Victoria) – women’s 4x400m relay

“This like the most memorable night. This is just so rewarding and completely sweet. Especially with girls that I just kind of met for the first time this week. it’s extremely memorable. This is something that I’ll never forget.  We were joking that the song that they play every time there’s a medal is so annoying. But now it’s my new favourite song!”

TOWNSEND, Addy (Coquitlam) – women’s 4x400m relay
“This is our goal from the start and we made it happen. We all knew we had to run unbelievably for ourselves. We executed it well. Honestly, we all wanted it. Winning this as a team sometime is better than even an individual, because you can enjoy it all together.”

BUTLER, Kaila (Port Coquitlam) – hammer throw
On winning the Gold medal
“It was really nice to end my season on a win. I get a break now and this makes the entire season worth it.”

On Team BC’s performance in track and field

It’s fantastic. We are on the bigger side for a province, but in comparison to powerhouse teams like Ontario, we are pretty small still. So, it’s really awesome to see everyone competing and doing so well and scoring medals as a team.”

BOTSIS, Chanell (Coquitlam) – hammer throw 

On winning a a Silver medal
“My thows weren’t the best. But this has been an amazing week. From the volunteers to the food, everything has been just so amazing.

On Team BC’s medals in athletics
“We’ve been doing absolutely amazing, I can’t believe it I am so proud of the rest of my province.”

SOLLA, Eddy – Para shot put 

On winning two medals at the Canada Games
“I feel great. I threw a shot and discus personal best and got two medals. There was a good competition. It was tough, but fun.”

DARLING, Dakoda –  Para shot put
On winning a bronze medal
“I medalled in an event in wasn’t expecting and got a personal best as well. I’m closing in on that Canadian record. It’s 8.55 and I threw 8.32.”