A note from Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: “From the You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up file comes word that there will be a Chick-fil-A restaurant in the Atlanta Falcons’ new $2 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Per company policy, the joint will be closed on Sundays.” . . . The way the NFL schedule works out, the restaurant will be open once during the 2017 season, when the New Orleans Saints visit on Thursday, Dec. 7.

The 2017 Kamloops Kidney Walk is scheduled for Sept. 24. Dorothy, my wife of more than 45 years, will celebrate the fourth anniversary of her kidney transplant by taking part for a fourth straight year. She underwent the transplant on Sept. 23, 2013, and took part in her first walk in 2014. In each of the first three years she has walked, you good people have provided her with enough support that she has led all Kamloops fund-raisers. . . . If you would like to support her, you may do so by clicking right here.

Willie Nelson owns a nine-hole golf course in Central Texas — the Pedernales Country Club. Legend has it that par is whatever he wants it to be. . . . That, folks, is the same as the speed limit on roads in Kamloops. If you are planning to visit here be aware that the speed limit is whatever you want it to be. . . . Oh, and turn signals are optional. Better not to use them and keep the other drivers guessing. . . . Y’er welkum.

Jack Finarelli, aka The Sports Curmudgeon, is my go-to guy when it comes to dietary concerns, especially at concession stands. Here’s his latest . . .

As the MLB season heads into the home stretch, you are running out of time to get yourself to a ballpark to sample some of the culinary creations there. So, if you are in any of these areas, here is what you might be missing:

  • PNC Park in Pittsburgh: You can enjoy a Cuban Pretzel Dog. This is a foot-long dog on a pretzel bun topped with ham, pork, cheese, pickles and mustard. This is essentially a Cubano sandwich on a hot dog. Shouldn’t this be on the menu in Miami?
  • Miller Park in Milwaukee: This concoction begins with an 18-inch bratwurst. Say no more, there will be Rolaids involved when you are done. Then add fried sauerkraut, fried jalapenos, cheese curds, sour cream, melted cheese, fries and gravy. For color, top all of this with chives.
  • SunTrust Park in Atlanta: They call this creation a ‘Burgerizza’ and that pretty much tells you what it is. Start with a 20-ounce hamburger and top it with melted cheese; this is a simply humongous cheeseburger. Then you put that bad boy between two eight-inch pepperoni pizzas. I guess you should wash that down with a Pepto Bismol spritzer.

Then, in a later posting, he added these two . . .

  • Coors Field, Denver: Someone had to stay awake late into the night to come up with this as an idea. They call them Apple Pie Nachos and why anyone thought of mixing these things in the first place is a mystery to me. What they have done is to take a slice of apple pie and put it on cinnamon dusted nacho chips and covered it with whipped cream and caramel. So, that doesn’t sound all that outrageous until you know that you also have the option of topping all of that with nacho cheese.
  • Minute Maid Park, Houston: The name of this option is the Chicken and Waffle Cone and there is no deception in that name. What you get are fried chicken strips and mashed potatoes inside a waffle cone topped with honey mustard. I guess if you are going to eat mashed potatoes with your hands, a waffle cone would come in handy.

You will find more of his musings at sportscurmudgeon.com. Enjoy!

From Brad Dickson, of the Omaha World-Herald: “S. Santiwiwatthanaphong finished 11th in a recent LPGA tournament. The rookie is actually giving copy editors a break going by ’S.’ Her real first name is ‘Sgrtuuxezazgiiopvq.’ . . . Her biggest challenge as she embarks upon a pro career? Signing the scorecard.”

Headline at TheKicker.com: Miami builds huge door to hit Jeffrey Loria’s butt on the way out.

When it comes to picking a Super Bowl winner, bettors in Las Vegas have put down more dough on the Oakland/Vegas Raiders than on any other team. To which Janice Hough, aka The Left Coast Sports Babe, noted: “And if anyone has wondered how they get money to build all those big shiny hotels. . . .”

The Toronto Blue Jays had closed to within 5-4 of the host Chicago Cubs, who had led 5-1 earlier, on Friday afternoon when shortstop Javier Baez hit a two-run homer for a 7-4 lead. As bat met ball, the first words from Toronto play-by-play voice/head cheerleader Buck Martinez: “Oh no!” . . . It was as though he had just received some really bad news.

“Washington Nationals right-hander Edwin Jackson has changed teams 11 times in the last nine seasons,” reports RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com. “Now there’s a pitcher with location issues.”

After B.C.’s NDP government announced the end of trophy hunting for grizzly bears, Vancouver comic Torben Rolfsen pointed out: “Unfortunately it came 17 years too late to save our NBA team from being poached.”

THE FIRE REPORT: Smoke. Smoke. Smoke.

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