Fantasy football drafts

Fantasy football drafts are almost here. The draft is always the most exciting part of fantasy football (unless you win the championship of course). Most leagues are 12-team formats, so why not share with you, who I would take and where. Here is my ideal first round draft scenario.

#1 David Johnson (RB) – No questions asked, take Johnson first overall because of his dual-threat talent to run and catch the ball out of the backfield. Also, the Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians stated earlier in the offseason the plan is to get Johnson 1,000 rushing AND 1,000 receiving yards.

#2 Le’Veon Bell (RB) – Before Bell’s holdout from training camp, there was a legitimate question if Johnson or Bell should be the first overall pick. Easy decision now. The Steelers offense is at its best when Bell is involved. The only worry with Bell is how many games will it take for him to get into football shape since he’s missed so much valuable time?

#3 Antonio Brown (WR) – Brown plays so much bigger than his size. Without a doubt, Brown is Roethlisberger’s go-to-guy in the passing game. The only downside to Brown’s game is when Big Ben doesn’t play due to injury, he is almost non-existent. Unfortunately, Roethlisberger has an injury track record.

#4 Julio Jones (WR) – This could be a risky pick because of the hangover from the loss to the Pats to end the season, but Jones’ raw speed and ball catching ability is out of this world. The looming question outside of the hangover is can the Falcons offense be as potent without offensive guru Kyle Shanahan?

#5 Odell Beckham (WR) – Many would’ve taken Beckham before Julio Jones, but there are concerns with both the running game, and more importantly the offensive line for the Giants. Also, Beckham injured his ankle in the second preseason game against the Browns on August 21st. Monitor the situation closely before drafting Beckham.

#6 LeSean McCoy (RB) – Shady is in an offense that loves to run the ball. Also, they want to use him in the pass game too. Music to every fantasy owners’ ears. As always, the only concern with McCoy is his health throughout the season. McCoy tends to miss a couple games a season due to injury.

#7 Mike Evans (WR) – Evans posted monster numbers last season and has great chemistry with quarterback Jameis Winston. Some feel that the addition of fellow wide receiver DeSean Jackson will take away opportunities from Evans. I think both Evans and Winston are in for big seasons.

#8 Devonta Freeman (RB) – Freeman escaped a recent concussion scare in preseason which may drop his value a little bit in drafts. The Falcons have one of the better offensive lines in the NFL. More importantly, Freeman can also catch the ball out of the backfield and is just as skilled in the receiving game, as he is rushing.

#9 Jordan Howard (RB) – Howard’s phenomenal rookie season was overshadowed by Ezekiel Elliott’s splash onto the scene last year. The main concern for the Bears is who will play quarterback? While Mitch Trubisky may be the future, growing pains are sure to steer their ugly head. Expect Mike Glennon to start the season… either way this team should be pounding the rock with Howard.

#10 Jordy Nelson (WR) – He is Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target and is healthy. Need I say more?

#11 Aaron Rodgers (QB) – Plain and simple, I am expecting HUGE things from the Packers offense this year. Rodgers is in the best shape of his life, and I am a firm believer in taking a “sure thing” over somebody else’s “ceiling.” Not sure about your leagues, but normally in mine the quarterbacks are ALWAYS the top scorers.

#12 A.J. Green (WR) – The red rifle Andy Dalton loves throwing the ball to Green. The Bengals offense is noticeably different without Green on the field. If Green can stay healthy, he will outperform this pick.

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