Pictured: ReGretel Image courtesy Amus Productions Inc.

September 2nd, Victoria, BC: Years of announcing training and practice at local bouts have paid off for two Eves of Destruction game announcers with their selection to elite international tournaments. ReGretel has been selected to announce at the Division 1 Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Playoff taking place in Seattle this weekend, while C-3Ph0 was picked to represent the Canadian contingent at the Roller Derby World Cup taking place in Greater Manchester, UK in 2018.

Both ReGretel and C-3Ph0 have honed their craft by hosting Eves games at Esquimalt’s Archie Browning Arena, and taking seminars and announcing at live bouts at Roller-Con, an annual international roller derby convention held in Las Vegas.

ReGretel says she is excited and ready for the challenge to announce with the best in the sport this weekend, and as she explains, she will take the time to prepare for the job.

“I have my announcing-rituals — I spend several hours researching teams before announcing. This makes me comfortable with knowing the history of the players and teams and confident discussing them on the mic with my fellow announcers. I keep a cliff-notes version of my research at my finger-tips, just in case. I also like to keep track of game stats while announcing — not a lot of detail, just who has jammed, if they got lead, and how many points they got in that jam. It keeps me focused on the specifics of the bout and keeps my own mental game sharp”

C-3Ph0 meanwhile, says she feels incredible about being selected for the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup.

“I am beyond excited, but also rather nervous. There are so many great derby announcers on the list and I’m really looking forward to learning from some of the best!”

Since both ReGretel and C-3Ph0 will be playing in the Eves vs. Eves season finale September 16th — ReGretel will be playing for the Belles of the Brawl and C-3Ph0 will suit up for the Margarita Villains — the duties will be handed to some celebrity announcers traveling to Victoria for the event –Stay Pufft from Calgary who will be joined by local announcer Mr. Frenzie for the in-arena broadcast, and Vancouver’s Mack the Mouth with Victoria’s Thrill-via Rivera for a Shaw TV broadcast.

Pictured: C-3Ph0 blocking opposing jammer Image courtesy Lindsey Blane Photograpy
Pictured: C-3Ph0 blocking opposing jammer
Image courtesy Lindsey Blane Photograpy

This will be your final opportunity to see roller derby in Victoria this season as the Belles and Villains square off for the local trophy, the Calamity Cup. The opening bout will feature the junior match-up of The Eves’ Rotten Apples vs. their up-island rivals, The Candy Crushers. Tickets for the season finale are available online and at Ticket Rocket HQ (804 Broughton), Hive Hair, and Logan’s Bar.

All 2017 events are family friendly (kids under 10 are free!), include a beer garden, halftime events, vendor village and TWO games full of hard hitting action!

The Eves of Destruction Roller Derby League was formed in 2006, has over 70 players, refs, and officials, and features five teams. Adult members play for The A-Team, The Belles of the Brawl, The Margarita Villains and The Hard Cores. The league also has a gender-inclusive junior team, The Rotten Apples, made up of players aged 10-18.