Joey Votto

Over the last decade in the Billy Beane Moneyball era, there has been greater significance on the walk. Batters are expected to try and get deeper into counts and be more patient when they get up to bat rather than swinging at the first pitch. Even though this makes baseball games longer, and less fan-friendly, it generally seems to work for the hitter.

One player who has a remarkable eye at the plate is Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto of Toronto, Ontario. Votto currently leads Major League Baseball in walks with 109. On Sunday, Votto tied the Reds single game record when he walked five times in one game. The strategy seemed to work for the Pittsburgh Pirates however, as they won the game 5-2.

Twice before this season, Votto has led Major League Baseball in walks. He had 135 walks in 2013 and 143 walks in 2015. On two other occasions Votto led the National League in walks—in 2011 with 110 and in 2012 with 94.

A reminder to all youth baseball players—at the end of the day a walk is just as valuable to your team as a single. It may not boost your batting average, but you are able to get on base.

Earlier this summer, the Independent Sports News was asked by an avid reader about including some content from the Canadian Slo-Pitch Championships. After further research, it is very important we recognize the Miken Sports Millwood Orioles for going undefeated at the championship that ended a week ago in Saint-Bruno, Quebec. The Orioles had a perfect record of 10 wins and zero losses in the competition and outscored their opponents 209-90.