Keys From The Bear Cave:

2 Top Scorers:
There are 2 players on Trail that the Grizzlies really have to watch out for. Kale Howarth and Ross Armour, both have 28 points in under 20 games and are tied for third in the league in points. Those aren’t the only 2 players that are doing well in the statistical category, forward Levi Glasman and defenseman Jeremy Lucchini have 23 and 20 points respectively. Lucchini’s effort has made him third in all defensemen in points.

Bad History:
Victoria has had a tough past against Trail, the last time Victoria beat Trail was on November 23, 2014 when they won 6-5 in double overtime. Since then, Victoria has gone 0-7 against Trail including a 4-5 loss on October 13th earlier in the season. Most of the games have only been 1 or 2 goal losses so the record could easily be flipped. The Grizzlies are well aware of the record and add that to the fact that they got blown out last night, expect them to play with a ton of energy.

First Goal Wins:
The importance of the first goal has been growing in the BCHL over the past 5 years. Victoria and Trail are both 10-2 when scoring the first goal of the game, making the first goal of this game extremely important. Victoria will need a strong start from guys like Lucas Clark, Jamie Rome, T.J. Friedmann, Drayson Pears, and Dyane Finnson to set the tone and get that all important first goal.

Players To Watch:

Victoria Grizzlies
Tanner Hopps (1G 2A 3PTS)
Justin Michaelian (8G 4A 12PTS)
Dayne Finnson (1G 8A 9PTS)
Trail Smoke Eaters
Kale Howarth (12G 16A 28PTS)
Ross Armour (12G 16A 28PTS)
Jeremy Lucchini (3G 17A 23PTS)
Matchup Of The Night
              Victoria’s Penalty Kill                Vs.                 Trail’s Power Play
This match up is a little bit different to what the match up of the night normally is but, this match up will be important because Victoria has taken a lot of penalties in the past couple of games and Trail has one of the highest power play conversion percentages in the league at 20.8%. The Grizzlies’ penalty kill has been good this season, 84.9% of the time they kill off the penalty. Hopefully Trail’s power play doesn’t see much time as the Grizzlies look to play a more disciplined style of hockey.