The 150th Anniversary of Lacrosse Celebration, a once-in-a-lifetime event held in Montreal, Quebec in June 2017, can now be re-experienced through the video Our Country and Our Game: The 150th Anniversary of Lacrosse, which was released today by the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation.
“Our Country and Our Game: The 150th Anniversary of Lacrosse is a 30-minute video that will take the viewer through an important celebration for our game,” said Jim Calder, Event Manager, 150th Anniversary of Lacrosse Celebration. “It captures the essence of a wonderful weekend in June 2017, where the world’s most interesting sport was front and centre for all to see.”
The video recap contains footage from the weekend’s various events – a historical re-enactment that illustrated the transformation of lacrosse from a traditional game played by the First Nations to a formalized sport, a lecture series featuring prominent authors and academics, and a traveling exhibition of historical lacrosse artifacts and photos – along with interviews from various members of the lacrosse community.
“Our Country and Our Game not only provides a summary of the events on the weekend, it captures the thoughts of members of the lacrosse community on the importance of the sport to the culture and history of Canada,” said Jim Burke, Chairman, Canadian Lacrosse Foundation.
The event itself, which attracted thousands of spectators and was streamed live to a worldwide audience, was organized by the Foundation, with help from the Canadian Lacrosse Association, the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame, the Quebec Lacrosse Federation, the Kahnawake Survival School, the McCord Museum, and McGill University. It was also made possible thanks to a generous contribution from the Government of Canada through the Canada 150 Fund.
“The event relied on the cooperation between many entities in the lacrosse community and its success was due to the shared vision of respecting the traditional Indigenous roots of the game while acknowledging its transformation into the modern game by Montreal-based rule-maker Dr. George Beers,” added Calder.
These videos will create a lasting legacy for the lacrosse community, one that will allow players and coaches from around the world to learn about the history of what is now Canada’s national summer sport.
“We are grateful to the Indigenous people of Canada for sharing this game with us centuries ago,” added Burke. “We hope that through these videos viewers can see the historic and spiritual significance of the game and the need to keep these traditions as the focal point of our sport moving forward.”