The TORONTO BLUE JAYS announce the following appointments to their Player Development and High Performance staffing for the 2018 season. The field managers for the upcoming season will be BOBBY MEACHAM (Buffalo-AAA), JOHN SCHNEIDER (New Hampshire-AA), CASEY CANDAELE (Dunedin- High A), CESAR MARTIN (Lansing- Low A), DALLAS McPHERSON (Vancouver- Short Season), DENNIS HOLMBERG (Bluefield- Rookie Advanced), LUIS HURTADO (Gulf Coast- Rookie) and JOHN TAMARGO (Dominican Summer League- Rookie).


The Player Development Department has a number of additions for the upcoming season.  Joining the organization are GUILLERMO MARTINEZ from the Chicago Cubs organization who will serve as the Hitting Coordinator, CASEY CANDAELE as the Manager of the Dunedin Blue Jays who served as the Seattle Mariners First Base Coach last season, DALLAS McPHERSON who will manage the Vancouver Canadians and begin his professional coaching career, HUNTER MENSE who will be the Hitting Coach with New Hampshire after spending the 2017 season as hitting coach with short season Tri-City (San Diego), and Lansing Hitting Coach MATT YOUNG & Gulf Coast League Assistant Pitching Coach MARK WORRELL will both be making their professional coaching debuts.  TIM RAINES has moved to the position of Special Assistant.  GEORGE CARROLL will make the transition from player to coach as he joins the Gulf Coast Blue Jays staff.


Joining the High Performance staff will be CHAD UIHLEIN as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, MAURICIO ELIZONDO as Assistant Rehab Coordinator, LAUREN POOLE as Dietitian in New Hampshire, ALLISON TROPF as the Affiliate Dietitian and Strength and Conditioning Coaches CASEY CALLISON, ROBERT MURDOCK and JUSTIN BATCHER.


A complete list of the Blue Jays 2018 minor league staff is as follows:



Assistant Director of High Performance   Clive Brewer

Rehab Coordinator                                   Pat Chasse

ATC & Transaction Coordinator               Jeff Stevenson

Assistant Rehab Coordinator                   Mauricio Elizondo

S & C Coordinator                                    Jeremy Trach

Assistant S & C Coordinator                     Chad Uihlein

Head of Nutrition                                       Stephanie Wilson

Fueling Coordinator                                  Tony Castillo

Head Mental Performance                       Paddy Steinfort

Mental Performance Coach                      Ben Freakley

Mental Performance Coach                      Rafael Dubois

Mental Performance Coach                      Tanya Bialostozky



Field Coordinator                                      Eric Wedge

Pitching Coordinator                                 Jeff Ware

Hitting Coordinator                                    Guillermo Martinez

Catching Coordinator                                Ken Huckaby

Infield Coordinator                                    Danny Solano

Latin America Player Advisor                   Omar Malave

Senior Advisor, Pitching                           Rick Langford

Rehab Pitching Coordinator                     Darold Knowles





BUFFALO                                                          NEW HAMPSHIRE

Manager:           Bobby Meacham                      Manager:                  John Schneider

Pitching:            Bob Stanley                              Pitching:                   Vince Horsman

Hitting:               Corey Hart                                Hitting:                      Hunter Mense

Pos. Player:      Devon White                             Pos. Player:             Andy Fermin

Trainer:             Bob Tarpey                               Trainer:                    Drew MacDonald

S & C:               Brian Pike                                 S & C:                      Ryan Maedel


DUNEDIN                                                           LANSING

Manager:           Casey Candaele                       Manager:                  Cesar Martin

Pitching:            Mark Riggins                            Pitching:                   Tony Caceres

Hitting:               Donnie Murphy                         Hitting:                      Matt Young

Pos. Player:      Michel Abreu                            Pos. Player:             Dave Pano

Trainer:             Dan Leja                                   Trainer:                    Caleb Daniel

S & C:               Kyle Edlhuber                           S & C:                      Aaron Spano


VANCOUVER                                                    BLUEFIELD

Manager:           Dallas McPherson                    Manager:                  Dennis Holmberg

Pitching:            Jim Czajkowski                        Pitching:                   Adam Bernero

Hitting:               Aaron Mathews                        Hitting:                      Carlos Villalobos

Trainer:             Michael Rendon                       Pos. Player:             Chris Schaeffer

S & C:               Pat Rosanio                              Trainer:                    Luke Greene

S & C:                      Justin Batcher


GULF COAST                                                    DOMINICAN SUMMER LEAGUE

Manager:           Luis Hurtado                             Field Coordinator:   Pablo Cruz

Pitching:            Rafael Lazo                              Manager:                  John Tamargo

Asst. Pitching:   Mark Worrell                             Pitching:                   Yoel Hernandez

Hitting:               Paul Elliott                                Hitting:                      Julio Germosen

Pos. Player:      George Carroll                         Pos. Player:             Jose Mateo

Assistant:          Jesus Figueroa                         Trainer:                    Hiroki Yoshimoto

Trainer:             Jon Woodworth                        Asst. Trainer:           Ysidro Reyes

S & C:               Casey Callison                         S & C:                      Imbewer Alvarez

Asst. S & C:             Robert Murdock




ATC – Athletic Trainer, Certified

PT – Physical Therapist

S & C – Strength and Conditioning


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