VICTORIA – The UVic Vikes men’s and women’s rowing teams took over the CARSA Performance Gym on Feb. 3 and put it all on the line, in what was an action packed day of indoor rowing.


The Vikes women swept the day, finishing first in every event from the Senior A to the Coxswains Crawl.

“Overall if you look at our team there were some really strong performances throughout the entire program with people pulling some really good times,” said Vikes head coach Rick Crawley. “Relatively speaking we were one of the top programs at the event.”

Highlighting the event on the women’s side were some amazing performances in the Senior B final. Emma Gray (6:45.2), Avalon Wasteneys (6:52.1) and Kirsten Edwards (7:06.2) not only finished first, second and third but also put down times fast enough to qualify them for the Indoor World Rowing Championships.

“It went really well, there were some solid performances, especially with three of our top athletes away with the National Team,” said Crawley. “Avalon has never broken seven minutes before and she blew past that.”

Earning first-place finishes in five events, the Vikes men pulled some incredibly fast times throughout the roster.

“We had some outstanding performances today, definitely saw a numbers of personal bests for guys that are interested in putting themselves into the hunt for a Brown Cup seat,” said Vikes head coach Aalbert Van Schothorst. “There are some younger guys that are stepping up and really taking on the challenge of earning a spot in our top boat.”

The Senior B final came down right to the wire, with Luc Brodeur (6:01.6) just barely edging out Alec Stapff, who was in the novice race at the last year’s Monster Erg, by three-tenths of a second for first place.

“Luc had a really solid performance, he paced it patiently in the start and then in classic Luc style he came out swinging at the tail end of the race and dropped splits hard,” said Van Schothorst “It was super exciting to see him go toe-to-toe with Alec Stapff, who was chucking down monstrous strokes, it was a phenomenal race to watch.”

Maxine Chapman (7:03.9), Kate Morstad (7:32.9), Eliza Jane-Kitchen (7:18.3) and Hannah Kennedy(1:53.5) were the other winners for the Vikes women, finishing first in the Senior A, Senior B Lightweight, Novice and Coxswains Crawl events respectively.

On the men’s side: Samuel Garber (6:26.2), Sebastian Gulka (6:26.6), Haydyn Thomas (6:26) and Skylar Presch took home first place in the Senior A Lightweight, Senior B Lightweight, Novice and the Coxswains Crawl.

One of the highlights of the day came in an event that the Vikes didn’t even participate in. The Junior All-Star Eight Challenge saw high school athletes put in phenomenal performances to get ranked into the event and then went head-to-head in two exciting races.

Fresh off of hosting a successful event, the Vikes will now prepare for the Trial Eights, taking place in Richmond B.C. from Feb. 15 and 16.

“The athletes ran a flawless event, this is hosted by the athletes themselves and they are simultaneously performing so that is a really tough balance,” said Van Schothorst. “It’s tough to ask for a personal best at this time of the year and for the guys who did hit a personal best, it was a pretty outstanding performance.”


Senior A W (Final) 
1. Maxine Chapman (07:03.9)
3. Ashley McPhail (07:17.0)
4. Jessica Phillips (07:19.2)

Senior A M (Final) 
3. Brett Larson (06:17.9)
6. Adam Donaldson (06:28.2)
7. Mark Davies (06:28.9)

Senior B W (Final) 
1. Emma Gray (06:45.2)
2. Avalon Wasteneys (06:52.1)
3. Kirsten Edwards (07:06.2)

Senior B M (Final) 
1. Luc Broduer (06:01.6)
2. Alec Stapff (06:01.9)
3. Mathew Szymanowski (06:09.1)

Senior A Lightweight M (Final) 
1. Samuel Garber (06:26.2)

Senior B Lightweight W (Final) 
1. Kate Morstad (07:32.9)
2. Alanna Ward (07:39.7)
3. Hannah Meeson (07:45.2)

Senior B Lightweight M (Final) 
1. Sebastian Gulka (06:26.6)
2. Chris Gulka (06:27.8)
3. Ellis Hollands (06:29.5)

Novice Women (Final) 
1. Eliza Jane-Kitchen (07:18.3)
2. Lauren Bertuzzi (07:32.8)
3. Nadia Prokopich (08:10.3)

Novice Men (Final) 
1. Hadyn Thomas (06:26.0)
2. Liam Ross (06:33.4)
4. James Barker (06:46.9)

Coxwains Crawl M (Final) 
1. Skylar Presch (01:50.9)

Coxswains Crawl W (Final) 
1. Hannah Kennedy (01:53.5)
3. Cassidy Fernandes (01:59.8)
4. Andrea Chan (02:03.4)