Allen Vansen

We are deeply disappointed to be in this position of having not qualified as Americas 2 for the 2019 Men’s Rugby World Cup.  We appreciate the Canadian rugby community is dismayed at this result.  This is not acceptable for Canadian Rugby.

The entire organization & our Men’s 15s program will finalize a robust schedule & plan to ensure the best preparation for a successful competition and qualification through the 2019 Men’s Rugby World Cup repechage tournament in November, 2018.

The failure to qualify as Americas 2 for the 2019 Men’s Rugby World Cup has significant financial challenges for Rugby Canada with a loss of key 2019 Men’s Rugby World Cup planning and preparation funding and missed commercial opportunities in the form of a marquee international match planned for November.  The organization will be reviewing these implications, ensuring prioritization is placed on the Men’s 15s program’s preparation for the Men’s Rugby World Cup repechage tournament this November.

Building on the extensive Men’s 15s program review that was completed in July 2017, Rugby Canada continues to undertake a significant change in strategic direction with a focus on building a long-term plan that develops our current and aspiring high performance Canadian rugby players to be competitive at the International level.  In addition to the new leadership that has been brought into the Men’s 15s program, Rugby Canada will continue to bring experienced high performance leaders to the organization who will work with our existing development programs at the Club and Provincial levels, while embracing new performance program opportunities for our current and future domestic players.

Rugby Canada is keenly focused and dedicated on returning the Men’s 15s program to being the leading Tier 2 nation in World Rugby.


Allen Vansen
Chief Executive Officer