PyeongChang Korea, February 15, 2018.Winter Olympics.Canada skip Rachel Homan,delivers her stone during her first draw of the Winter Olympics against host country Korea. michael burns photo

The biggest Canadian Olympic story on Friday at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang involves curling. Everything has gone according to plan for the men’s team led by skip Kevin Koe. However on the women’s side, led by skip Rachel Homan, it has simply been a complete disaster.

Forget about the fact that no Canadian curling team in the history of the Olympic Winter Games has never not medalled. At this standpoint, Rachel Homan’s curling team has a ton of work to do just to get to the .500 mark.

Team Canada is in dead last in the Olympic women’s curling tournament at 0-3. It is the same four players who went undefeated with a perfect record of 13-0 at the 2017 World Women’s Curling Championship in Beijing. Is this a national crisis? The answer is simply yes. Does Curling Canada need an immediate review of the dynamics of Homan’s team? The answer is yes. Does Cheryl Bernard need to replace Rachel Homan immediately as the team skip? Take a deep breath. The answer to that question is no.

The Homan team is playing tight. You can see that in their expressions. They are simply not loose, like Kevin Koe’s squad is at the moment. Team Canada is a perfect 4-0 after a 7-6 win over South Korea on Friday.

My words of wisdom are simple. The Homan team needs to breathe. They need to enjoy the moment. Is there pressure? Of course there is. Right now the most important Canadian Olympian whose last name is Kingsbury does not have a first name of Mikael and competes in moguls. It is Adam Kingsbury, the mental coach for Team Homan. A clinical psychologist at the University of Ottawa, Adam Kingsbury has a major job over the next week to improve the mental state of the entire Homan squad. Their next test is the United States on Saturday morning at 3am PT.