Peninsula Co-op World Cups Youth Soccer Festival


Victoria’s longest running youth soccer festival, The Peninsula Co-op World Cups Soccer Festival, is set to occur on March 30th & 31st at Lochside Park.


Since 1986, this small-sided festival has brought Victoria and the Island together. The festival is jam-packed full with activities and enjoyment for kids. From the exciting soccer games and bubble soccer to skydivers and prize giveaways for every player. The World Cups Festival is not to be missed!


Truly one of a kind, the World Cups sees kids aged 4-17 years old randomly represent different nations, make new friends from different clubs and celebrate community. This unique approach makes for a memorable event and atmosphere that fosters fair-play and builds community. These are important values and a key reason why Peninsula Co-op saw value in supporting the event.


Peninsula Co-op World Cups Youth Soccer Festival
Peninsula Co-op World Cups Youth Soccer Festival

This stellar player-centered environment was founded by Mr. Frank Leversedge in 1986.   Frank’s enduring vision was for the World Cups to bring us together, placing an emphasis on new friends & community, while also benefit the greater community through annual giving.


Towards this, KidSport Greater Victoria has been added this year as a festival partner and beneficiary.  Furthermore, the World Cups Committee hope to exceed last year’s giving totals of over $10,000 which benefited charities, community groups, schools and organizations. On top of this, through the festival, the Frank LeversedgeMemorial Fund looks to support players, teams and coaches across our soccer district to travel with soccer. Last year the fund and festival helped send a team from Gorge and Lakehill Soccer Associations to the Gothia Youth World Cups in Sweden.


The World Cups will also host the 2018 Strathcona Hotel Charity Classic between Nanaimo United and Vic West Division I Men’s team and will kick off at 12.45pm on Saturday, March 31st at Lochside Park. The match will be played in support of two charities; the MS Kick for the Cure and Anneswer to Cancer.