Now there are  4 teams left in the Sir John Jackson Cup.

The past weekend saw a blowout, a deciding goal late, a new rivalry formed, and a contentious game with what seemed plenty of drama to go with it.


-The blowout saw Vic West just being too much for Comox.

-The late goal was in favor of Gorge as they defeated Fernwood Div 2 – a Cinderella story in the making.

-The new rivalry had Lakehill slipping past Mid Isle Div 2 – they will get further acquainted next year in Division 1.

-The drama – Cowichan defeating Nanaimo…….it seemed like it all went against Nanaimo on the day – and if there was ever an argument for video review on the Island – this might be the poster child for it. Sounds like plenty thought there might have been a goal, but it did not go down in history that way.


These are how the individual games finished:


Nanaimo D1
Saturday Mar 3, 7:00 PM Merle Logan
Cowichan D1


Gorge D1
Friday March 2, 7:00 PM Hampton Park
Fernwood D2


Comox Valley D1
Saturday March 3, 6:00 PM Comox Turf
Vic West D1


Lakehill D1
Saturday March 3, 7:00 PM Braefoot Turf
Mid-Isle Mariners D2


Semifinals are next week, and Vic West will host Lakehill while Cowichan will host Gorge.


This Jackson Cup bracket, as well as the other 3 major Cups (George Pearkes, Tony Grover Masters, George Smith U21) can be followed along at