Victoria horseshoe club

Greater Victoria Horseshoe Pitching Association, also known as GVHPA  or Victoria horseshoe club is starting its Summer horseshoe league in April.  We are looking for new players with no experience needed.  The league is comprised of around 16 teams with 5-6 players on each team.  Play is handicapped so all levels of play compete evenly.

Its a fun low cardio activity that gets you outside away from the TV or video games to enjoy new friends.  All ages are welcome as we also run a junior program that is free.   The league play is on Tuesday or Thursday nights with play starting at 7pm
Tournaments are held throughout the year and coming on May 12 will be our promotional day called Horseshoe Mania where you can try the sport out for a day.
We hope that you will come and check out our club at Glanford park off Glanford rd.
We have all kinds of other activities that we run out of our clubhouse all year round.
GVHPA is the biggest horseshoe club in Canada and one of the best organized in all of North America.
Come and see us.   Lets have some fun together and throw some horseshoes.  Like the old days at the cabin or campsite lets play.
if interested in playing in the Summer League contact Tom Moffat