Eves of Destruction teams claim double victory at Season Opener

The Belles of the Brawl and The Margarita Villains. Photo Credit: Clinton Myers

A full house of derby fans packed Esquimalt’s Archie Browning Arena Saturday night (April 7th) to witness two high intensity battles featuring the Eves’ house teams; The Belles of the Brawl and The Margarita Villains who took on the Sea to Sky Sirens from Squamish and Nanaimo’s Harbour City Hydras, respectively. Both games ended in decisive wins for the home teams.

The first game of the night ended in a big win for the Belles of the Brawl with a score of 295 – 100 over the Sea to Sky Sirens. Belles of the Brawl, MVP Jammer Kariac Arrest, a newly drafted skater who played her first game as a Brawler tonight, says the MVP title could have gone to any one of her teammates:

“Our blockers were formidable, and our jammer rotation was strong! It was a great way to start the season. I’m so thrilled to skate with such talented people, and to be part of such a welcoming league.”

Kariac Arrest was named the Belles of the Brawl MVP Jammer, while team Co-Captain Hot Piece-Of-Sass was named MVP Blocker. MVP’s for the Sea to Sky Sirens were Va Va Voom La Doom and Roller Square.

In the second game of the night the Eves’ Margarita Villains, who’s roster featured 6 newly drafted rookies, were victorious against Nanaimo’s Harbour City Hydras, besting them 158 – 88. MVP Jammer Fat Bottom Hurls, who played her first game tonight with the Villains, says she is thankful for all of the support:

“What an empowering experience playing roller derby is. Being surrounded by strong people! Big thanks to my new teammates. Roller derby has given me a new relationship with my body, I feel strong in a way that I haven’t before. And intellectually challenged in a whole new way too!”

Fat Bottomed Hurls was named the Margarita Villains MVP Jammer, while Felix the Brat was named MVP Blocker. MVP’s for the Harbour City Hydras were Jonestown Mascara and Fanny in the Pack.

Your next opportunity to see roller derby in Victoria will be May 19th: The Rotten Apples vs. The Tempest and the The Hard Cores vs. Aftershocks Roller Rebels.