Camosun Chargers volleyball student-athlete Stephanie Galitzine procures prestigious President’s Cup

Stephanie Galitzine with the annual President’s Cup

Student-athletes, coaches, college administrators and supporters gathered at Camosun’s Centre for Trades, Education and Innovation on Tuesday evening to celebrate the achievements of the Chargers at the 24th Annual Athletic Awards Ceremony.


Third-year Women’s Volleyball outside hitter and Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership (BSFL) student Stephanie Galitzine earned the prestigious President’s Cup for her outstanding academic and athletic achievements over the 2017-18 season.


Galitzine earned a perfect 9.0 grade point average in the Fall semester and maintained an academic honours standing over the past two years of PACWEST conference competition. Working diligently both in the classroom and on the court, Stephanie is the recipient of two CCAA National Scholar recognitions, back-to-back PACWEST Academic Excellence awards and a PACWEST Athlete of the Week award in 2018.


In addition to being an exemplary student and skilled athlete, Stephanie was instrumental in leading the 2018 Make Some Noise for Mental Health initiative for Camosun, which is a nation-wide campaign supported by student-athletes aimed at breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting the value of community citizenship.


This year, Stephanie, together with teammate Katie Wayling, started their own community health promotion initiative called I Am Strong, aimed at empowering young girls to promote and create positive exercise experiences that foster self-confidence and emphasize social connection through movement and conversation. Expanding her passion and interest in community health, Stephanie recently accepted an internship position as a Student Exercise Therapist with Inspire Health, a cancer care clinic in Oak Bay organizing health promotion activities for people in need.


Highlighting her passion for the Chargers athletics program, Stephanie stated, “It is a massive commitment – six days a week for six  months of the year … but I just love being here at Camosun and being immersed in the close-knit team culture our team has managed to develop together over the season.“


Presenting Stephanie with the award was Camosun College President Sherri Bell. “I am continually impressed by the incredible achievements made by student-athletes like Stephanie,” she stated. “Camosun is extremely proud of the accomplishments all the Chargers have made.”


The Derek Twomey Scholarship for Sport was awarded to third-year Chargers men’s volleyball setter and BSFL student Mack Mravnik from Winnipeg, MB, who was selected for his tremendous work ethic, drive to win and profound sense of what it means to be part of a team.


Ten student-athletes were recognized for their outstanding academic and athletic accomplishments at the Provincial and National levels. The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) and Pacific Western Athletic Association (PACWEST) awards were presented to:


EDUARDO BIDA                   Exercise & Wellness            Men’s Volleyball                  CCAA Athlete of the Week (Feb. 7)

PACWEST Athlete of the Week

(Jan. 29-Feb. 4) & (Feb. 19-25)


MATTHEW BOWERS           University Transfer              Men’s Volleyball                  PACWEST Athlete of the Week (Feb. 5-11)



JEROME CROSS                    University Transfer              Men’s Volleyball                  PACWEST 1st Team All-Star

PACWEST Athlete of the Week (Jan. 8-14)


STEPHANIE GALITZINE       BSFL                                        Women’s Volleyball            PACWEST Academic Excellence

PACWEST Athlete of the Week (Jan. 22-28)


ELLA GOLDSCHMID             AD Arts                                  Women’s Basketball            CCAA Academic All-Canadian

PACWEST 2nd Team All-Star

PACWEST Athlete of the Week (Jan. 8-14)


MATHEW HAMPTON          University Transfer              Men’s Basketball                  PACWEST 2nd Team All-Star


DALLAS HANCOX                 BSFL                                        Men’s Basketball                  PACWEST 2nd Team All-Star



MEGAN IRELAND                Arts & Science                      Women’s Volleyball            CCAA Academic All-Canadian

PACWEST 2nd Team All-Star

RIAN PLANTE                        University Transfer              Men’s Volleyball                  PACWEST 2nd Team All-Star


MIA ROBERTS                       Exercise & Wellness            Women’s Basketball            PACWEST 1st Team All-Star


Four first-year student-athletes were presented with the Team Rookie award. Included were Grace Kazanowski, Business Admin – Women’s Volleyball (Stelly’s); Dale MacDonell, Business Admin – Men’s Volleyball (Pacific Christian); Lacey Reay, UT – Women’s Basketball (Mt. Baker Secondary, Jaffray, BC); and Isaiah Romanow, UT – Men’s Basketball (Oak Bay).


Four additional student-athletes were acknowledged for their Team Leadership throughout the year. Among those were  

Stephanie Galitzine, BSFL – Women’s Volleyball; Dylan Marsden, BSFL – Men’s Basketball; Scott Merriam, Golf Management – Men’s Golf; and Elion Wong, BSFL – Men’s Volleyball.


Five Camosun athletes received the Team MVP award. Included were Jerome Cross, UT – Men’s Volleyball; Mike Flegel, AD Arts – Men’s Golf; Ella Goldschmid, AD Arts – Women’s Basketball; Mathew Hampton, UT – Men’s Basketball; and Megan Ireland – Women’s Volleyball.


Graduating players Ella Goldschmid – Women’s Basketball, Rian Plante – Men’s Volleyball and Elion Wong – Men’s Volleyball, were honoured for their outstanding five-year commitment to the Chargers program.


In closing, four Chargers teams were recognized for their medal-winning finishes over the 2017-18 season:


Men’s Golf                         2017 PACWEST Provincial Bronze Medalists

Women’s Basketball       2017-18 PACWEST Provincial Silver Medalists

Men’s Volleyball              2017-18 PACWEST Provincial 4-Peat Gold Medalists

Women’s Curling              2018 CCAA National Silver Medalists


“This was another great year for the Chargers,” said Athletics Coordinator Graham Matthews. “We are extremely proud of the achievements made by our student-athletes and coaches, and are equally proud of the work performed by our staff as we successfully hosted our second consecutive national volleyball championship this year. We look forward to the 2018-19 season and to commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Chargers program.”